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The Tissue Electronics laboratory at the CABHC-Naples bridges bioelectronics with tissue engineering. Our focus is the investigation of the interaction between nanofabricated chip-based solutions and electroactive biomaterials with tissue-like architectures.


Research activities of the Tissue Electronics laboratory can be divided into two broad research areas, aiming mainly to use electrical active materials for stimulating cells for biomedical applications.

  • Electrophysiology of 3D cellular architectures

    We are interested in interface nanofabricated recording/stimulating planar and 3D devices (multi electrode arrays, CMOS) to complex 3D cellular architectures (scaffold-based, neurospheres) of neuronal and cardiac cells. In particular, we are aiming to couple neuronal with epithelial architectures and investigate the potential innervation outgrowth phenomenon.
  • Photovoltaic biomaterials development for skin regeneration

    We aim to create a 3D biocompatible and flexible photovoltaic nanopillar-based platform which will be able of gaining a very close contact to the cellular environment and optimize photocurrent stimulation for fibroblasts and keratinocytes proliferation in well-ordered assemblies (3D tissue-like).


- Neuroplasmonics, IIT-Genova (Dr. Francesco De Angelis), ITA

- Flexible neuromorphic electronics, Stanford University (Prof. Alberto Salleo), USA

- Nano-biointerfaces, Stanford University (Prof. Bianxiao Cui), USA

- Neuronal modelling, Stevens Institute of Technology (Prof. Mehmet Kurt), USA

- Organic Electronics, Eindhoven University of Technology (Prof. Yoeri van de Burgt), NDL