IIT adopts the international model of public research that creates innovation and influences the economy - production. Research, both basic, " curiosity-driven " and applied, focusses on the development of technologies for the market. This approach has led the Institute to file several patents in different study areas defined by the 4 research Domains . In-depth information on promising technologies and patents developed by IIT can be found below.

To disclose your invention to the Technology Transfer please download and fill the document Record Of Invention (ROI) (1.32 MB)

Information contained in this ROI is CONFIDENTIAL and PROPRIETARY. For assistance please contact the Technology Transfer Office at technology.transfer@iit.it This document will not be released except under attorney client privilege to research sponsors as required by contract, under appropriate secrecy agreements or as maybe required by law.

This ROI should not be disclosed to others without the approval of the Technology Transfer Office.

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