Postdoctoral position in3D neuronal-material biointerfaces

20/01/2020 - CB 76795
A post-doctoral position will be available at the Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care, IIT@CRIB in Naples ( in the Tissue Electronics Research Line. The Center integrates multidisciplinary expertise ranging from Engineering, Material Science, and Chemistry to Biology and Pharmacology. Laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge instrumentations fo ...

Compliance Assistant

25/01/2020 - 20000003
La Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, nell’ambito delle funzioni di controllo a diretto riporto del Presidente, previste dal proprio sistema Governance, sta ricercando una risorsa junior laureata in materie giuridiche o equipollenti a supporto del Direttore Compliance per sostituzione termporanea personale assente con diritto alla conservazione del posto di lavoro, che si occu ...

Two Postdoctoral positions in Neurogenetics

25/01/2020 - 1900001H
The “Genetics and Epigenetics of Behaviour” Research Line at IIT is mainly focused on the investigation of sleep and behaviour. Our group is systematically investigating the role of genomic imprinting in sleep regulation. Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic mechanism that results in allele-specific expression of some genes according to parental origin and is controlled by DNA methylation. Seve ...

POST DOC in “Synthetic photobiology in bacterial cells”

27/01/2020 - BC 78050
A postdoctoral position in “Synthetic photobiology in bacterial cells” will be available at the Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare, IIT@CRIB, Naples in the Synthetic and Systems Biology for Biomedicine Research Line within the ERC-2018 AdG SYGMA 834615. Microorganisms can “see” light through light sensitive proteins called photoreceptors. Most of the relevant genes have been ...

Postdoctoral Position in Parkinson’s Disease Research: multiscale neuronal circuit investigation

28/01/2020 - CB 78055
We are seeking highly motivated candidates to fill a postdoctoral position in the framework of the recently funded Horizon 2020 AND-PD (grant agreement n° 848002) research initiative, which involves an international consortium with partners working at the intersection between basic research and biomedical applications.   The project focuses on the investigation of the causative mechanisms i ...

Post-Doc opening in Vision-based Locomotion for Legged Robots

28/01/2020 - 77368
The Dynamic Legged System Research Line (DLS lab) of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), (web: is looking for a highly motivated and ambitious postdoctoral researcher to conduct studies on vision-based locomotion applied to legged systems and focused on real-world applications.  The DLS lab conducts world-leading research and development of legged robots for challenging ...

Postdoctoral position in “Computational Neuroscience”

28/01/2020 - CB 76759
A postdoctoral position will be available at the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems (CNCS@UniTn) of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, located in Rovereto (Italy), to work with Prof. Alessandro Gozzi ( and Stefano Panzeri ( The project investigates, by developing and using advanced data analysis methods ...

Software/Robotics Engineer opening in control of mobile manipulators

30/01/2020 - CB 78060
The Human-Robot Interfaces and physical Interaction (HRI2) Research Line of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, is looking for a highly motivated and ambitious robotics engineer to develop software tools for loco-manipulation control of collaborative robots with a focus on aerospace manufacturing. The HRI2 Lab is known for its cutting-edge research in the areas of mobile manipulation, human-robot in ...

Postdoctoral position on “Development of 3D neoplasm models”

30/01/2020 - CB: 77902
Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT is opening a post-doctoral position with the focus on “Development of 3D neoplasm models” to work on the project “Biodegradable noble metal-based nano-architectures as theranostics agents over head/neck neoplasms” supported by AIRC Grant MFAG 2017” (project n.  19852 - CUP J53C18000010007). The project is multidisciplinary in natur ...

Post Doc in in neurophysiology of DS (gene therapy and bioinformatics)

30/01/2020 - 20000002
A postdoc position will be available in Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, in Genoa, Italy. The selected candidate will join Dr. Laura Cancedda’s research line ‘Brain Development and Disease” in the framework of a commercial agreement with a foreign company specialized in the development of gene therapies.   The overall goal of the Cancedda Research Line is to understand the molecular d ...


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