Scientific Careers at IIT

IIT recruits technical and scientific staff focusing on the quality of candidates and adopting transparent selection procedures. IIT has established a Standing Committee of External Evaluators (SCEE), a list of particularly qualified scientists at international level in the field of life science, drug discovery, robotics, smart materials and nanotechnologies, who take part in the selection and evaluation of the scientific staff. The activity of these external members is performed pro bono. The Search Committee is entrusted with examining all CVs and identifying a short list of excellent candidates, who will then be invited for an interview. The Evaluation Committee attends the seminars and conducts the interviews of the candidates selected by the Search Committee in order to identify the best profile.

Principal Investigators (PIs) at IIT are tenure track and/or tenured scientists. They carry out their own research activity (see research lines) in the frame of the Strategic Plan, and they are fully independent.  

Tenure track scientists are hired upon international calls. An international Search Committee is established by the Scientific and technical Committee (STC) to evaluate applications and create a short list of candidates to interview. Short listed candidates are invited for a public presentation and an interview in front of an Evaluation Committee consisting of a majority of external experts. Candidates may access the tenure track at junior (stage 1) or senior level (stage 2). The maximum duration of the tenure track is 5 + 5 years (stage 1 + stage 2). A peer review evaluation must be passed at the end of each phase. Senior scientists can also be recruited as tenured scientists upon evaluation of the Scientific and technical Committee.

ERC Grant winners

IIT has many ERC winners within its staff. Under the supervision of the IIT Scientific Technical Committee, ERC winners are automatically granted access to a Tenure Track Position. Generally, ERC Starting Grant winners access a Tenure Track Stage 1 position, ERC Consolidator grant winners access a Tenure Track Stage 2 position, whereas Advanced Grant winners can be considered directly for Tenured Positions. The Tenure Track Package includes funding to match the ERC program

For information or enquiries about the Tenure Track please contact our Tenure Track Office.

Find out here who our Tenure Track Scientists are

Researchers are hired by open calls (scientific journals and IIT web site), through Search and Evaluation panels consisting of both internal and external experts. Researcher positions are up to five years. Researchers report to a PI and can be in charge of a laboratory and post docs and students. To send in your cv click here

Technologists are hired by open calls (scientific journals and IIT web site), through Search and Evaluation panels consisting of both internal and external experts. Their primary mission is to develop technology-oriented research and/or coordinate laboratories and facilities of general interest for the Institute. Technologists report to a PI and can be in charge of post docs, students and technicians. To send in your cv click here

Post Docs are recruited by open calls (scientific journals and IIT web site), through Search and Evaluation panels consisting of internal experts. The maximum duration of a Post Doc appointment at IIT is 5/6 years. Post Docs are considered junior if  recruited within 2 or 3 years after their PhD diploma, whereas the senior level is for those who have at least 3 years’ experience after the PhD. To send in your cv click here

The recruiting of technical and administrative staff is established on a competitive basis, through publication of  advertisements on the IIT website and specialized websites for recruiting.

The advertisement defines the position to be filled, the main activities, the technical, behavioural and managerial skills requested for the role, methods and timing for the application.

The evaluation committee, composed by the specialists of the Human Resources and Organization Directorate and by the head of the Organizational Unit/Research Line, screens all the applications and select a list of candidates. The skills and the level of the experience required are evaluated by individual or group interviews and technical tests. For some professional profiles, the selection process may include a first step consisting of an Assessment Center, a methodology that help assessors identify how close candidates’ abilities and behaviours match the sought-after job profile.

The evaluation committee defines a final ranking and identifies the successful candidate following the outcome of the interviews and the tests. To send in your cv click here


What IIT offers

IIT offers its staff an optional private health care insurance plan (taxes according to Italian legislation). If required and based on specific conditions the benefit can also be extended so as to also include the staff’s family members.

HRO promotes work/life balance for the IIT community. Scientists are allowed to work freely arranging their own schedules, whilst administrative/technical employees can benefit from flexible working hours (clock in between 8 and 10am – clock out between 5 and 7pm) and request teleworking. We offer a wide range of discounted rates for extra work activities (gym clubs, theaters, museums, restaurants, travel).

IIT provides its staff with opportunities for professional development thanks to responsive, integrated, collaborative and flexible programs and services. We tailor ad-hoc courses to improve or reinforce our personnel’s skills and competencies. To enhance integration in the IIT community and encourage personal development, we also promote language courses (English and Italian) as well as workshops focused, for instance, on leadership, and time management.

IIT ensures equitable and competitive salary in line with the standards adopted by other international research institutes.

We encourage non Italians and Italians, both abroad and in Italy, to apply: please note that the Tremonti Law established the possibility to have huge fiscal benefits for Italian and foreign scientists who start their research activity in Italy and have been fiscal residents in Italy since May 31st 2010 and within the 7 following calendar years. These benefits allow scientists to pay their income taxes only on 10% of their income for a period of 4 consecutive fiscal years.

If your professional profile is in line with one of our positions, you can send in your application following our job post guidelines. Given the profile we are looking for, different application documents are required. Don't forget to provide the reference letters or publications list (whether requested) at the given deadline. All applications are duly evaluated. At the job post deadline, CVs will be screened and eligible candidates contacted to proceed with the recruiting and selection procedures. IIT values diversity and fosters equal opportunities.

We often receive requests relating to Ph.D. enrolment, work experience and traineeships, which are fully examined and accepted in a limited number per year. For internships and traineeships , please send your CV to or refer to Ph.D. School page

All qualified applicants to a position will be duly considered and will not be discriminated on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

We adopt the “stop-the-clock policy” in case of maternity leave for female collaborators. In such case the suspension, to protect the mother and the unborn child, will last for the whole period of the maternity leave, even if it goes beyond the law provision. IIT strikes special agreements with nurseries, kindergartens and schools for its staff’s families.

IIT is scientific research center with a strong international composition: about one half of the IIT staff come from more than 50 countries all over the world. The Institute provides support for all applicants by offering or finding job opportunities for their spouses/partners whenever possible. The IIT also provides special legal/administrative support for foreign scientists to facilitate their families rejoining them in Italy.

Ask HR

The IIT Staff is always welcome to the HR Front Desk on working days, in the morning between 10 am and 1 pm and in the afternoon from 2 pm until 5 pm or by telephone (+39) 010 71781 808.