The programs may be defined by three activity threads


The scientific plan  consists of  11 scientific programs of three types: 

Technology Programs, primarily aimed at developing high tech  research in collaboration  with external entities and  industries:  Portable Energy, Robotic Rehabilitation, Graphene.

Core Programs, dedicated to the  basic research  activities traditionally developed by IIT: Brain Science, Robotics, New materials, materials Chemistry

Cross Disciplinary Programs,  primarily devoted to  high risk-high return  research both basic or applied: Interaction, Health Technologies, Nano-Bio Photonics, Computation  

Each program is developed  by a number of PI and their teams. PI and teams, distributed in 11 IIT centers in Italy and two IIT outstations in US,  may contribute to one or more Programs, according to the Research Matrix of the Institute.   

Today, 72 independent Principal Investigators at IIT develop the 11 programs in a fully cross-disciplinary research environment. Scientists with 21 different profiles  (spanning from medicine to engineering) collaborate to the execution of the strategic plan