Financial resources


94,4 million annual public financing, approximately 80% of which is used for scientific activities (data updated December 31 2017). 


From 2006 the Foundation received private and no-profit funding accounting for more than 213,6 million euros thanks to competitive grants and industrial partnerships. Main projects include: Graphene FET Flagship (the European project for the development of graphene and two-dimensional materials), IIT-INAIL Rehab Technologies, Nikon Imaging Center, a joint lab in collaboration with Nikon dedicated to light microscopy and 19 ERC (European Research Council) grants . Since 2006 more than 170 European Projects, 180 national and international funding projects and 500 industrial projects were won.


Scientific results

Scientific publications classified by typology from 2006 onwards


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Patents and inventions portfolio



Over 45,000 sq. mt. laboratory spaces including Genoa Central Lab (30,000 sq. mt) and 11 satellite centers in Italy and 2 outstations abroad.


There are more than 1600 employees coming from more than 55 countries. Average age: 34; technical/scientific staff: 81%; 46% of scientific staff are from abroad (14% are returned Italians); 41% women; scientific backgrounds encompassing 21 different fields from hard/applied sciences to life sciences.


Staff by Department


Scientific staff and Ph.D. Student by position


*with Ph.D. degree to obtain

Current Update: April 30 2018

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