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10/05/2023 - Rai 1

Our director, Lorenzo De Michieli, interviewed at Porta a Porta, underlines how the collaboration between Inail and IIT focuses on the creation of various robotic devices, such as bionic limbs for the upper and lower limb, as well as exoskeletons for walking.

07/26/2023 - Open Talk IIT

Interview to Giacinto Barresi (Rehab Technologies) e Giampaolo Brichetto (FISM/AISM) talking about ENACT project which the two research institution are directly involved.

05/10/2023 - Affari Italiani

An article on Mind Innovation Week, which was attended by our director Lorenzo De Michieli to address the issue of the role of technologies in the development of the society of the future.

05/06/2023 -

An article on the 28th Congress of the European Network Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (#RIMS) which took place in Genoa, with the collaboration of our Laboratory.

04/30/2023 - Genova Impresa

The interview with our Director Lorenzo De Michieli who talks about our Laboratory and the importance of dialogue between research, industry and investors

04/18/2023 - Economia del Corriere della Sera

An article which talks about the growth of biorobotics in Italy and in particular about Hannes, our artificial hand.

04/01/2023 - Rai 3

In the TV program "Leggenda Italia", the interview with our Nicolò Boccardo who talks about the Hannes prosthetic hand and how he manages to achieve the goal of restoring a large part of the functionality of the upper limb.

03/30/2023 - Start Magazine

An article which talks about the diffusion of #robotics and #ArtificialIntelligence up to the interaction between robots and men. In particular we talk about the activity and devices of our laboratory

02/25/2022 - Class Mi

An article which describes the current research and innovations of biorobotics, which aim to create intelligent machines to solve critical biomedical issues such as prosthetics, rehabilitation, surgery and assistance. In particular we talk about Twin and Hannes devices.

11/25/2022 - studio aperto

TV report from the INAIL "Forum della Ricerca" event in presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The projects carried out by our joint IIT - INAIL laboratory are the protagonists.

11/11/2022 -

An article, with reference on the front page, on "Float", the motorized exoskeleton of IIT capable of promoting motor and functional recovery of the shoulder after an operation or post-traumatic injuries, presented yesterday by Lorenzo De Michieli, during the first day of "Il Tempo della Salute".

11/01/2022 - focus

Special article dedicated to our laboratory: we're talking about Hannes which, as our director Lorenzo De Michieli explains, “With a very simple movement, it allows about 80% of the gripping activities that occur in an entire day". There is also talk of Float, an example of AI that learns from man, the exoskeleton in fact is initially worn by the patient and moved by the therapist, following which the machine learns the movements that must be performed on the patient, and replicates them independently in evolved.

06/09/2022 - il Secolo XIX

Article dedicated to Float, exoskeleton for upper limbs created by Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab in collaboration with the INAIL motor rehabilitation center of Volterra.

05/24/2022 -

Presentation of the exoskeleton "Float" on the italian tv news, Rai TGR News.

05/11/2022 -

A shoulder rehabilitation personalized and more effective with Float exoskeleton. The robotic device for upper limbs, designed to be used in a clinical environment and designed to encourage motor and functional recovery of the shoulder joint, has given positive results in the first clinical tests.

05/07/2022 -

Creativity, technology, research, design and medicine come together in the devices studied and developed in Rehab Technologies Lab, defined as the "laboratory of wonders".

10/08/2021 -

The speech of Lorenzo De Michieli, together with DS Giorgio Metta, at the final meeting of the "Festival della Salute", talks about robotic technology and TWIN is presented.

10/07/2020 -

We talk about Ci.Te.Mo.S. the festival dedicated to cities, technology, sustainable mobility. Lorenzo De Michieli, led those present in the world of "humanoid" robotics developed as an aid in the health and rehabilitation fields.

05/11/2020 -

Matteo Laffranchi's contribution for the #Scienzainvideo initiative, in which he talked about the genesis of the exoskeleton for the lower limbs and the Hannes robotic hand prosthesis.

05/09/2018 –

An article dedicated to the Hannes hand prosthesis.