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Rehab Technologies Lab

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Rehab Technologies Lab was born from an agreement between IIT and INAIL. Since 2013, the lab has been active in the development of high-tech prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitative medical devices, ready for immediate use in therapeutic rehabilitation and treatment paths.

The laboratory pursues innovation through research, with the ambitious goal of combining robotics and neuroscience. The human being is always at the center of every technological idea and the approach to innovation is based on data and performance, in order to continuously improve. The projects developed combine a high technological level with a high social impact.

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Scientific Research

Rehab Technologies Lab contributes nationally and internationally, with various medical and institutional partners, to the development of digital healthcare, based on technology and attention to the patient.

Innovation passes through a timely analysis of data and feedback on patient performance.

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Medical device development

Rehab Technologies Lab develops devices capable of responding to the specific needs of the patients, a precondition for effective rehabilitation that leads the user to regain skills and autonomy in daily life.

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