HTS - Title

Human-Technology Systems


We investigate human-technology interactions in prosthetic, assistive, and rehabilitative applications according to the methodologies of human factors, with special attention to cognitive ergonomics and neuroergonomics, and other interdisciplinary domains in order to obtain truly user-centered medical devices.

HTS - Embodiment Description


We study cognitive-behavioural processes of human-technology integration like the embodiment (feeling that an external object like a prosthesis is part of one's body representation) and the presence (feeling to share the same space and time with another agent, object, or event through a medium) in real, virtual, and augmented environments.

In particular, we design novel solutions of biofeedback for training human-technology integration and for taking advantage of it in applied contexts. As examples, we are designing a spatially augmented respiratory biofeedback training for enhancing the embodiment of artificial limbs, and, in collaboration with SRI International, we are studying how to help people to fall asleep through biofeedback in virtual settings.


HTS - EyeBCI Description


We are working on gaze motion analysis and EyeBCI hybrid paradigms of human-computer interaction based on consumer-level devices for eye-tracking and brain-computer interfaces in order to develop novel solutions for stress and workload assessment and attention/relaxation training alongside novel approaches to accessibility and ergonomics of inclusion.


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Team Leader: Giacinto Barresi