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Alessandro D'Ausilio

Affiliated Researcher
Multiscale Brain Communication
Research center
All Publications
Tomassini A., Laroche J., Emanuele M., Nazzaro G., Petrone N., Fadiga L., D'Ausilio A.
Interpersonal synchronization of movement intermittency
iScience, vol. 25, (no. 4)
Article Journal
Battaglia S., Serio G., Scarpazza C., D'Ausilio A., Borgomaneri S.
Frozen in (e)motion: How reactive motor inhibition is influenced by the emotional content of stimuli in healthy and psychiatric populations
Behaviour Research and Therapy, vol. 146
Article Journal
Cardellicchio P., Koch G., Fadiga L., D'Ausilio A.
Motor overload: GABAergic index of parallel buffer costs
Brain Stimulation, vol. 14, (no. 5), pp. 1106-1108
Letter Journal
Emanuele M., Nazzaro G., Marini M., Veronesi C., Boni S., Polletta G., D'Ausilio A., Fadiga L.
Motor synergies: Evidence for a novel motor signature in autism spectrum disorder
Cognition, vol. 213
Article Journal
Viaro R., Maggiolini E., Farina E., Canto R., Iriki A., D'Ausilio A., Fadiga L.
Neurons of rat motor cortex become active during both grasping execution and grasping observation
Current Biology, vol. 31, (no. 19), pp. 4405-4412.e4
Article Journal