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An open-source initiative to advance our knowledge of human cognition by designing, building, and sharing a common cognitive architecture for an embodied artificial system, such as the iCub humanoid robot.


The principal investigators of the various IIT research units apply artificial intelligence (AI) to new challenges in the field of materials science.


Focuses on non-coding RNAs whose knowledge has experienced the most rapid growth in recent years, thanks to the advent of omic technologies and next-generation sequencing.

Robotics for a better life

A multidisciplinary approach to advance research in robotics and translate the robotics domain objective of making robots self-aware, adaptable, and interactive into component technologies.


The Initiative clusters and coordinates the various research activities under new and common technological deliverables, which tackle specific sustainability goals of global economical, societal and environmental importance.


An initiative to visualize molecular interactions and electronic processes at nano-interfaces, with the final target to deliver new technologies, which combine efficiency, sustainability, and full integration into everyday life.

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iCub is a research-grade humanoid robot designed to support the development and testing of embodied AI algorithms, making it the perfect companion for robotics laboratories.


SPACEIIT is the IIT hub for interdisciplinary and innovative space technology.


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