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Matilde Ghibaudi

Post Doc
post doc

Research Line

Polymers and Biomaterials


IIT Central Research Labs Genova




Current position-Post Doc

Neurobiology of miRNA-Polymers and Biomaterilas, PhD Davide De Pietri Tonelli, PhD Nicola Tirelli

2007-2010 Interfaculty University School of Biotechnology, University of Turin

2010 Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology (106/110)

2011 Internship at Instituto de Neurosciencias de Castilla y Leon (INCYL), Salamanca (Spain) Erasmus programme, Laboratorio de Plasticidad Neuronal Y Neuroreparacion Laboratory activity: “Adult neurogenesis in the rostral telencephalon under sensibilization with nicotine”

2011-2013 Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Master in Medical Biotechnology, University of Turin

2013 Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology (110/110 cum laude, publication recommended) Thesis: “Cellular therapy, physical exercise and enriched environment in spinal cord lesions”
(Laboratory of Brain Development and Disease, tutor Prof. Alessandro Vercelli, Department of Neuroscience Rita Levi Montalcini, NICO, University of Turin)

2014-2017 PhD in Neuroscience. Title of the research project: “miRNAs and biomimetic scaffolds as potential strategies in spinal cord injury”. Tutor Prof. Alessandro Vercelli,
Department of Neuroscience Rita Levi Montalcini, NICO, University of Turin


New strategies for miRNA delivery

Selected Publications

"Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Receptors and the Motility of Schwann Cell(-Like) Phenotypes", Cells, Sihem Ouasti, Alessandro Faroni, Paul J. Kingham, Matilde Ghibaudi, Adam J. Reid and Nicola Tirelli, 2020


"Chitosan-based hydrogel to support the paracrine activity of mesenchymal stem cells in spinal cord injury treatment", Sci Rep, Boido M, Ghibaudi M, Gentile P, Favaro E, Fusaro R, Tonda-Turo C, 2019

"Motor neuron degeneration, severe myopathy and TDP-43 increase in transgenic pig model of SOD1-linked familiar ALS", Neurobiology of disease, Crociara P, Chieppa MN, Vallino Costassa E, Berrone E, Gallo M, Lo Faro M, Pintore MD, Iulini B, D'Angelo A, Perona G, Botter A, Formicola D, Rainoldi A, Paulis M, Vezzoni P, Meli F, Peverali FA, Bendotti C, Trolese MC, Pasetto L, Bonetto V, Lazzari G, Duchi R, Perota A, Lagutina I, Quadalti C, Gennero MS, Dezzutto D, Desiato R, Boido M, Ghibaudi M, Valentini MC, Caramelli M, Galli C, Casalone C, Corona C, 2018

"Fibroblast migration correlates with matrix softness. A study in knob-hole engineered fibrin", APL Bioengineering, Christopher Y. Leon-Valdivieso, Jennifer Wedgwood, Enrique Lallana, Roberto Donno, Iwan Roberts, Matilde Ghibaudi, Annalisa Tirella, and Nicola Tirelli, 2018

"Current and Novel Strategies for Biomarkers Detection in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Future Graphene-Based Applications", Digitcult, Ghibaudi Matilde*, Lorenzati Martina*, Pasini Giulia*, Pirri Fabrizio and Buffo Annalisa, 2018
"Functional integration of complex miRNA networks in central and peripheral lesion and axonal regeneration", Progress in Neurobiology, Ghibaudi Matilde, Boido Marina and Vercelli Alessandro, 2017
"Combined treatment by cotrasplantation of mesenchymal stem cells and neural progenitors with exercise and enriched environment housing in mouse spinal cord injury", Advances in Stem Cells, Boido Marina, Niapour Ali, Salehi Hossein, De Amicis Elena, Ghibaudi Matilde and Alessandro Vercelli, 2014



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