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Lidia Giantomasi

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Neurobiology of miRNA
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Giantomasi L., Beatini S., Tuntevski K., Pelizzoli R., Sanges R., De Pietri Tonelli D.
Exploring the role of the piRNA pathway in microglia and neuroinflammation
5th International Conference on the Long and the Short of Non-Coding RNAs
Poster Conference
Giantomasi L., Ribeiro J.F., Barca-Mayo O., Malerba M., Miele E., De Pietri Tonelli D., Berdondini L.
Astrocytes actively support long-range molecular clock synchronization of segregated neuronal populations
Scientific Reports
Giantomasi L., Ribeiro J.F., Barca-Mayo O., De Pietri Tonelli D., Berdondini L.
Astrocytes as active channel for the molecular clock synchronization among segregated neural populations
FENS Forum 2022
Poster Conference
Riccitelli S., Boi F., Lonardoni D., Giantomasi L., Barca-Mayo O., De Pietri Tonelli D., Bisti S., Di Marco S., Berdondini L.
Glial Bmal1 role in mammalian retina daily changes
Scientific Reports, vol. 12
Angotzi G.N., Giantomasi L., Ribeiro J., Crepaldi M., Vincenzi M., Zito D., Berdondini L.
Integrated Micro-Devices for a Lab-in-Organoid Technology Platform: Current Status and Future Perspectives
Frontiers in Neuroscience
Scientific Talks
Barca-Mayo O., Giantomasi L., Berdondini L., De Pietri Tonelli D.
Astrocyte functions in brain rhythms
FENS regional meeting August 25-27 Poland (virtual)
Oral presentations
Giantomasi L., Barca-Mayo O., Berdondini L.
Circadian rhythms: can astrocytes transmit circadian information among neuronal populations?
International Astrocyte School