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Fabio Biscarini

Principal Investigator
Senior Researcher - Principal Investigator
Organic Neuroelectronics
Research center

Fabio Biscarini is Senior Researcher-Principal Investigator (PI) at  Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia-Center for Translational Neurophysiology in FerraraIIT from 1st November 2019, and Full Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) since 15 February 2013.  He was research associate at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia-Center for Translational Neurophysiology in Ferrara from 1/10/2017 to 31/10/2019

During his career, he was CNR Researcher (1996-2001), Senior Scientist (2002-2010), and Research Director from 15/12/2010 to 14/02/2013. He headed the multidisciplinary research group "Nanotechnology of Multifunctional Materials" including chemists, physicists, engineers, neurobiologists. He was contract- professor of nanotechnology at Alma Mater – Università di Bologna from 2004 to 2013.

Biscarini received a laurea in Industrial Chemistry cum Laude at Università di Bologna with Prof. Claudio Zannoni, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry at University of Oregon (USA) with Prof. Carlos Bustamante and Prof. V. M. Kenkre. He was postdoc at CNR Bologna with Prof. Carlo Taliani (ISM) and Prof. Piergiorgio Merli (LAMEL) in 1994-1995.

His research interests span across diverse aspects of physical chemistry and nanotechnology: from theories of liquid crystals and STM, to experimental activity in fundamentals of thin film growth, self-organization, organic electronics devices, unconventional nanofabrication, advanced characterization techniques in situ- and real time. Latest research is on organic bioelectronics, applied to biosensors, implantable devices for the neurosciences and prosthetics, and nanomedicine.

He was advisor of 45 Laurea and Master students, 30 graduate students, 26 postdocs, 9 international graduate students and member of 26 National and International Ph. D. juries. Most of his students are established scientists in international research institutions and universities, as well as researchers in industries.

He authored more than 290 publications with >14000 citations and h-index 66 (Source: Google Scholar 10 Dec 2023). He was principal investigator in 40+ EU, National, and Regional projects. Of these, he coordinated 14 projects, of which 10 EU and four National projects. He served in the Editorial Board of Chemical Society Reviews (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK) from 2004 to 2008.


Title: PhD in Chemistry
Institute: University of Oregon
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Country: USA
From: 1991 To: 1993

Title: N/A
Institute: University of New Mexico
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Country: USA
From: 1989 To: 1990

Title: Dottore in Chimica Industriale
Institute: Università di Bologna
Location: Bologna
Country: Italia
From: 1982 To: 1986

Title: Diploma di maturità scientifica
Institute: Liceo Scientifico "A. Righi"
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
From: 1976 To: 1981

Experience External

Title: Full Professor of General Chemistry
Institute: Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Location: Modena
Country: Italy
From: 2013 To: 2032

Title: Research Director
Institute: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
From: 2010 To: 2013

Title: Senior Scientist
Institute: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
From: 2002 To: 2010


Organic Bioelectronics and Neuroelectronics


Functional materials

Scanning probe microscopies

Theories of charge transport

Self-assembly and self-organization, growth phenomena

All Publications
Sensi M., de Oliveira R.F., Berto M., Paradisi A., Greco P., Bortolotti C.A., Samori P., Biscarini F.
How Biorecognition Affects the Electronic Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide in Electrolyte-Gated Transistor Immunosensors
Advanced Functional Materials
Saygin G. D., Greco P., Selvaraj M., Di Lauro M., Murgia M., Bianchi M., Fadiga L., Biscarini F.
Concentration Gradients Probed in Microfluidics by Gate-Array Electrolyte Organic Transistor
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
Article in Press Journal
De Salvo A., Di Lauro M., Rondelli F., Greco P., Fadiga L., Biscarini F.
Flexible organic devices for neuroelectronics
NOD-Workshop – Neuromorphic Organic Devices
Conference Paper Conference
Rondelli F., De Salvo A., Di Lauro M., Murgia M., Greco P., Fadiga L., Biscarini F.
Intracortical Device for Neuromorphic Dopamine Mapping
3rd workshop on neuromorphic organic devices
Poster Conference
Drakopoulou S., Murgia M., Albonetti C., Benaglia S., Borgatti F., Di Lauro M., Bianchi M., Greco P., Papo D., Garcia R., Alessandrini A., Biscarini F.
Nanoscale Quantized Oscillations in Thin-Film Growth Greatly Enhance Transconductance in Organic Transistors
Advanced Electronic Materials, vol. 9, (no. 10)
Article Journal
Biscarini F.
Da converging technologies alla bioelettronica: opportunità per creazione di impresa dalla ricerca EU
Innovabiomed the network place for medical industry, Verona
Public Event
Scientific Talks
Biscarini F.
Electrolyte-gated transistors based on ambipolar reduced graphene oxide
20th International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology NN23, Thessaloniki Greece
Biscarini F., Sensi M., Furlan de Oliveira R., Berto M., Paradisi A., Bortolotti C. A., Samorì P.
Electrolyte-gated transistors based on ambipolar reduced graphene oxide: the mechanism of transduction of biorecognition events
IV European Biosensors Symposium EBS 2023 Aachen Germany
Biscarini F., De Salvo A., Rondelli F., Greco P., Murgia M., Fadiga L., Di Lauro M.
Neuromorphic organic electronic devices for neural signal sensing, recording, and in situ processing
Material Research Society Fall Meeting 2023, Symposium EL-04
Biscarini F.
Organic Bioelectronics
17th International Summer Schools in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies ISSON 23, Thessaloniki Greece
School (Summer school, ...)
Biscarini F.
Organic Bioelectronics Devices for Health & Sustainability
Italy-Sweden Bilateral Symposium on Bioelectronics and Sustainability (BEES) Stockholm, October 26 and 27, 2023
Oral presentations
Carli S., Armirotti A., Trapella C., Prato M., Fadiga L., Biscarini F.
Conductive Polymers in Neuroscience: a Smart Drug Delivery Platform
Orbitaly Conference 2018
Awards and Achievements
Biscarini F.
Member of the PhD Jury of Dr. Setareh Kazemzadeh, Technical University Eindhoven, NL. Title of the thesis: Organic Neuromorphic Systems with Biologically Relevant Functionalities.
Biscarini F.
President of PhD Jury of Dr. Stefano Pecorario, IIT and Politecnico di Milano. Title of the thesis: Charge Transport in Printable Carbon-Based Semiconductors
Lunghi L., Mariano A., Bianchi M., Dinger N. B., Murgia M., Rondanina E., Toma A., Greco P., Di Lauro M., Santoro F., Fadiga L., Biscarini F.
Flexible Neural Interfaces based on 3D PEDOT:PSS micropillar arrays - Cover picture Adv. Materials Interfaces - issue 25 v. 9
Biscarini F.
Socio Ordinario dell'Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze, Lettere ed Arti di Modena
Biscarini F.
Elected Member of Academia Europaea
Organized Events
Biscarini F., Owens R., Salleo A., Torsi L.
Fundamentals Mechanisms to drive progresses in Organic Electronics and large area bioelectronics
Biscarini F., Owens R., Salleo A., Torsi L.
Organic Bioelectronics in Italy (Orbitaly) 2020 (postponed to 2022)
Biscarini F., Fadiga L.
1st Workshop on Neuromorphic Organic Devices