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Raucci A., Miglione A., Lenzi L., Fabbri P., Di Tocco J., Massaroni C., Presti D.L., Schena E., Pifferi V., Falciola L., Aidli W., Di Natale C., Netti P.A., Woo S.L., Morselli D., Cinti S.
Characterization and application of porous PHBV-based bacterial polymers to realize novel bio-based electroanalytical (bio)sensors
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical, vol. 379
Palladino A., Salerno A., Crasto A., Lucini C., Maruccio L., D'Angelo L., Netti P.A., de Girolamo P., Cacchioli A., Attanasio C., Ravanetti F.
Integration of micro-CT and histology data for vasculature morpho-functional analysis in tissue regeneration
Annals of Anatomy, vol. 245
Jamaledin R., Sartorius R., Di Natale C., Onesto V., Manco R., Mollo V., Vecchione R., De Berardinis P., Netti P.A.
PLGA microparticle formulations for tunable delivery of a nano-engineered filamentous bacteriophage-based vaccine: in vitro and in silico-supported approach
Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry