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Palladino A., Salerno A., Crasto A., Lucini C., Maruccio L., D'Angelo L., Netti P.A., de Girolamo P., Cacchioli A., Attanasio C., Ravanetti F.
Integration of micro-CT and histology data for vasculature morpho-functional analysis in tissue regeneration
Annals of Anatomy, vol. 245
Saporito S., Natale C.F., Menna C., Netti P.A., Ventre M.
A role for nuclear stretching and NPCs changes in the cytoplasmic-nuclear trafficking of YAP: An experimental and numerical modelling approach
Materials Today Bio, vol. 15
Venezia V., Pota G., Silvestri B., Vitiello G., Di Donato P., Landi G., Mollo V., Verrillo M., Cangemi S., Piccolo A., Luciani G.
A study on structural evolution of hybrid humic Acids-SiO2 nanostructures in pure water: Effects on physico-chemical and functional properties
Chemosphere, vol. 287