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Stefano Buccelli

Post Doc
Rehab Technologies - INAIL-IIT lab
Research center

I'm working at Rehab Technologies to improve the current rehabilitation strategies by means of innovative devices and protocols. I'm leading a multidisciplinary team towards the realization of an upper limb exoskeleton for orthopedic and neurologic patients.

During my PhD I designed and applied new stimulation protocols to solve the problems arising as a result of a focal lesion (in-vitro) under the BrainBow project (FET).
I was also involved in a Marie Curie project aimed at reducing epileptic seizures (ex-vivo) and I developed a system to perform a real-time activity dependent stimulation in that context.
In the context of the MAECI project (bilateral collaboration between IIT and Kansas University Medical Center), I improved the signal processing of a commercial system (Intan controller) to perform a reliable, real-time, FPGA-based spike detection.
During my PhD I had also the opportunity to collaborate with the University of Seville to implement a neuromorphic-based burst detection algorithm for electrophysiological signals.