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Matteo Villa

Chief Technician
Dynamic Legged Systems
Research center

Matteo Villa (male) (MSc 2008, PhD 2016) is chief technician at IIT – Advanced Robotics Department. He has a diploma in electronics and telecommunications, an MSc degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in materials and metallurgy. After obtaining his MSc at University of Bologna he worked for 3 years at ENEA (Faenza, Italy). Thereafter he moved to the UK to study for his PhD at University of Birmingham and consequently he worked for 3 years and a half at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (Coventry, UK). He moved back to Italy to work for Technogym and he is now working at IIT. In 2019 he obtained the chartered engineer (CEng) qualification. His areas of expertise include: mechanical design, materials, testing, numerical simulations and project management. He is currently involved in the development of new robotic quadrupeds at the Dynamic Legged Systems Lab.