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De Fazio R., Stabile M., De Vittorio M., Velazquez R., Visconti P.
An overview of wearable piezoresistive and inertial sensors for respiration rate monitoring
Electronics (Switzerland), vol. 10, (no. 17)
Pisanello M., Balena A., Pisano F., Spagnolo B., Bianco M., Sileo L., Pisanello F., De Vittorio M.
Back-end processing of optoelectronic devices for neural interfaces based on tapered optical fibers
47th International conference on Micro and Nano Engineering
Mariello M., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Madaro F., Mehdipour I., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chapter 13 - Micro- and nanodevices for wind energy harvesting
Nano Tools and Devices for Enhanced Renewable Energy, Publisher: Elsevier
de Marzo G., Desmaele D., Algieri L., Natta L., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Mariello M., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chitosan-Based Piezoelectric Flexible and Wearable Patch for Sensing Physiological Strain
Engineering Proceedings, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 12
Bianco M., Balena A., Pisanello M., Pisano F., Sileo L., Spagnolo B., Montinaro C., Sabatini B.L., de Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Comparative study of autofluorescence in flat and tapered optical fibers towards application in depth-resolved fluorescence lifetime photometry in brain tissue
Biomedical Optics Express, vol. 12, (no. 2), pp. 993-1009
Natta L., Guido F., Algieri L., Mastronardi V.M., Rizzi F., Scarpa E., Qualtieri A., Todaro M.T., Sallustio V., De Vittorio M.
Conformable AlN Piezoelectric Sensors as a Non-invasive Approach for Swallowing Disorder Assessment
ACS Sensors, vol. 6, (no. 5), pp. 1761-1769
Mariello M., Fachechi L., Guido F., De Vittorio M.
Conformal, Ultra-thin Skin-Contact-Actuated Hybrid Piezo/Triboelectric Wearable Sensor Based on AlN and Parylene-Encapsulated Elastomeric Blend
Advanced Functional Materials, vol. 31, (no. 27)
Lamanna L., Rizzi F., Guido F., Algieri L., Marras S., Mastronardi V.M., Qualtieri A., De Vittorio M.
Correction to: Flexible and Transparent Aluminum-Nitride-Based Surface-Acoustic-Wave Device on Polymeric Polyethylene Naphthalate (Advanced Electronic Materials, (2019), 5, 6, (1900095), 10.1002/aelm.201900095)
Advanced Electronic Materials, vol. 7, (no. 5)
de Fazio R., Perrone E., Velazquez R., De Vittorio M., Visconti P.
Development of a self-powered piezo-resistive smart insole equipped with low-power ble connectivity for remote gait monitoring
Sensors, vol. 21, (no. 13)
De Bartolo S., De Vittorio M., Francone A., Guido F., Leone E., Mastronardi V.M., Notaro A., Tomasicchio G.R.
Direct scaling of measure on vortex shedding through a flapping flag device in the open channel around a cylinder at re ∼ 103: Taylor’s law approach
Sensors, vol. 21, (no. 5), pp. 1-18
Balena A., D'Amato M., Ding C., Mach Batlle R., Pisano F., Pisanello M., Ciracì C., Bramati A., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Electron Beam Induced Deposition of plasmonic nanopillars on nanometric tapered optical fibers for optical characterization of single plasmonic structures
47th International conference on Micro and Nano Engineering
Montinaro C., Pisanello M., Bianco M., Spagnolo B., Pisano F., Balena A., De Nuccio F., Lofrumento D. D., Verri T., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Estimating fiber photometry collection volumes across different brain regions
Montinaro C., Spagnolo B., Pisanello M., Pisano F., Balena A., Bianco M., Brunetti V., De Nuccio F., Lofrumento D. D., Verri T., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Estimating the Spatial Behavior of Fiber Photometry Across Different Brain Regions
OSA Biophotonics Congress
Pisanello M., Zheng D., Balena A., Pisano F., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Extending the field of view of holographic two-photon fabrication by employing a three-mirrored scan head
47th International conference on Micro and Nano Engineering
Spagnolo B., Balena A., Peixoto Rui T., Sileo L., Pisanello M., Pisano F., Assad J.A., Sabatini B.L., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Fibertrodes: a FIB based fabrication approach for interfacing brain activity with negligible photoelectric noise