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Fiorello I., Margheri L., Filippeschi C., Mazzolai B.
3D micromolding of seed-like probes for self-burying soft robots
2022 IEEE 5th International Conference on Soft Robotics, RoboSoft 2022, pp. 255-260
DOI 10.1109/RoboSoft54090.2022.9762092 Conference Paper Conference
De Pascali C., Naselli G.A., Palagi S., Scharff R.B.N., Mazzolai B.
3D-printed biomimetic artificial muscles using soft actuators that contract and elongate
Science Robotics, vol. 7, (no. 68)
Mazzolai B., Kraus T., Pirrone N., Kooistra L., De Simone A., Cottin A., Margheri L.
Advancing environmental intelligence through novel approaches in soft bioinspired robotics and allied technologies: I-Seed project position paper for Environmental Intelligence in Europe
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 265-268
DOI 10.1145/3524458.3547262 Conference Paper Conference
Armiento S., Mondini A., Meder F., Mazzolai B.
A plant-hybrid system for wind monitoring connected with social media
2022 IEEE 5th International Conference on Soft Robotics, RoboSoft 2022, pp. 287-292
DOI 10.1109/RoboSoft54090.2022.9762083 Conference Paper Conference
Meder F., Murali Babu S.P., Mazzolai B.
A plant tendril-like soft robot that grasps and anchors by exploiting its material arrangement
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Fiorello I., Mazzolai B.
Bioinspired microhooked patches for targeted delivery of molecules in plant leaves
4th Italian Conference in Robotics and Intelligent Machines (I-RIM)
Conference Paper Conference
Makvandi P., Maleki A., Shabani M., Hutton A.R.J., Kirkby M., Jamaledin R., Fang T., He J., Lee J., Mazzolai B., Donnelly R.F., Tay F.R., Chen G., Mattoli V.
Bioinspired microneedle patches: Biomimetic designs, fabrication, and biomedical applications
Matter, vol. 5, (no. 2), pp. 390-429
Fiorello I., Mondini A., Meder F., Mazzolai B.
Climbing plant-like miniature machines for improving natural ecosystems preservation
2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Honolulu (Hawaii, USA)
Conference Paper Conference
Armiento S., Filippeschi C., Meder F., Mazzolai B.
Liquid-solid contact electrification when water droplets hit living plant leaves
Communications Materials, vol. 3, (no. 1)
Meder F., Mondini A., Visentin F., Zini G., Crepaldi M., Mazzolai B.
Multisource energy conversion in plants with soft epicuticular coatings
Energy and Environmental Sciences, vol. 15, (no. 6), pp. 2545-2556
Mazzolai B., Mondini A., Del Dottore E., Margheri L., Carpi F., Suzumori K., Cianchetti M., Speck T., Smoukov S.K., Burgert I., Keplinger T., Siqueira G.D.F., Vanneste F., Goury O., Duriez C., Nanayakkara T., Vanderborght B., Brancart J., Terryn S., Rich S.I., Liu R., Fukuda K., Someya T., Calisti M., Laschi C., Sun W., Wang G., Wen L., Baines R., Patiballa S.K., Kramer-Bottiglio R., Rus D., Fischer P., Simmel F.C., Lendlein A.
Roadmap on soft robotics: multifunctionality, adaptability and growth without borders
Multifunctional Materials, vol. 5, (no. 3)
Khorsandi D., Fahimipour A., Abasian P., Saber S.S., Seyedi M., Ghanavati S., Ahmad A., De Stephanis A.A., Taghavinezhaddilami F., Leonova A., Mohammadinejad R., Shabani M., Mazzolai B., Mattoli V., Tay F.R., Makvandi P.
3D and 4D printing in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery: Printing techniques, materials, and applications
Acta Biomaterialia, vol. 122, pp. 26-49
Fan J., Visentin F., Del Dottore E., Mazzolai B.
An image-based method for the morphological analysis of tendrils with 2d piece-wise clothoid approximation model
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12413 LNAI, pp. 68-79
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-64313-3_9 Conference Paper Book Series
Giordano G., Carlotti M., Mazzolai B.
A Perspective on Cephalopods Mimicry and Bioinspired Technologies toward Proprioceptive Autonomous Soft Robots
Advanced Materials Technologies
Meder F., Armiento S., Naselli G.A., Thielen M., Speck T., Mazzolai B.
Biohybrid generators based on living plants and artificial leaves: Influence of leaf motion and real wind outdoor energy harvesting
Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, vol. 16, (no. 5)