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PhD positions in Nanomaterials

[PhD@UniGe] - PhD in Physics and Nanosciences - Physics

[PhD positions] - De Angelis

Research line "Plasmon Nanotechnologies"

[PhD positions] - Krahne

Research line "Optoelectronics"

[PhD positions] - Toma

[PhD@UniGe] - PhD in Science and Technologies of Chemistry and Materials - Drug Discovery and Nanobiotecnologies

[PhD positions] - Pompa

Research line "Nanobiointeractions & Nanodiagnostics"

[PhD@UniGe] - PhD in Science and Technology of Chemistry and Materials - Nanochemistry

[PhD positions] - Krahne 02

Research line "Optoelectronics"

[PhD positions] - Tirelli

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[Grid] - Nanomaterials

PhD positions in collaboration with
University of Genoa

PhD programme
December, 18th 2023 h.12:00 (CET) (deadline)
Online submission