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Stefano Gustincich

Researcher - Principal Investigator
Deputy Director for Technologies for Life Science (LifeTech) - Director Central RNA Lab

Research Line

Non-coding RNAs and RNA-based therapeutics


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Via Enrico Melen 83, Genova
+39 010 2897 620


Stefano Gustincich is Deputy Director for “Technologies for Life Science (LifeTech)” and Director of the "Central RNA Lab” at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genova, Italy. He is Full Professor in Applied Biology in “leave of absence” from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste.

After his training in Biology, he obtained his PhD degree in Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology at SISSA, Trieste. In 1993, he was awarded a long-term EMBO fellowship to join the Department of Neurobiology of Harvard Medical School, Boston (USA) where in 1998 he was appointed Instructor in Neurobiology. In 2003, he was granted the “Career Developmental Award” by “The Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation” to found the Laboratory of Neurogenomics at SISSA where he became Associate Professor. In 2011, he was awarded the National Prize for Innovation in Biotechnology. He recently wrote the masterplan for the Center of Neurogenomics at the Human Technopole, a new genomic research center in Milano, Italy.

His research interests concern the biology of the non-coding portion of the genome, the so-called “Junk DNA”. He recently discovered the SINEUPs, a new functional class of antisense long noncoding RNAs able to increase translation of their sense gene.

He is the co-founder of TranSINE Therapeutics, a start-up located in Cambridge, UK.

Selected Publications

Scientific Publications


Since the beginning of his scientific career, he published 100 peer-reviewed research articles and reviews with an h Index of 40 and more than 11000 citations.


Research article publications


1.      Codrich M, Bertuzzi M, Russo R, Francescatto M, Espinoza S, Zentilin L, Giacca M, Cesselli D, Beltrami AP, Ascenzi P, Zucchelli S, Persichetti F, Leanza G, Gustincich S. (2017). Neuronal hemoglobin affects dopaminergic cells’ response to stress. Cell Death Dis. 5;8(1):e2538. IF: 5.3.

2.      Nuzzo MT, Fiocchetti M, Totta P, Melone MA, Cardinale A, Fusco FR, Gustincich S, Persichetti F, Ascenzi P, Marino M. (2016). Huntingtin polyQ mutation impairs the 17-estradiol/neuroglobin pathways devoted to neuron survival. Mol Neurobiol. Epub ahead of print. IF: 5.1.

3.      Schein A, Zucchelli S, Kauppinen S, Gustincich S, Carninci P. (2016). Identification of antisense long noncoding RNAs that function as SINEUPs in human cells. Sci Rep 6:33605. IF: 5.228.

4.      Marcuzzi F, Zucchelli S, Bertuzzi M, Santoro C, Tell G, Carninci P, Gustincich S. (2016). Isoforms of the Erythropoietin Receptor in dopaminergic neurons of the Substantia Nigra. J Neurochem 4:596. IF: 3.842.

5.      Ferrer I, Garcia-Esparcia P, Carmona M, Carro E, Aronica E, Kovacs GG, Grison A, Gustincich S. (2016). Olfactory Receptors in Non-Chemosensory Organs: The Nervous System in Health and Disease. Front Aging Neurosci 8:163. IF: 4.348.

6.      Indrieri A, Grimaldi C, Zucchelli S, Tammaro R, Gustincich S, Franco B. (2016). Synthetic long non-coding RNAs [SINEUPs] rescue defective gene expression in vivo. Sci Rep 6:27315. IF: 5.228.

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10.  Patrucco L, Chiesa A, Soluri MF, Fasolo F, Takahashi H, Carninci P, Zucchelli S, Santoro C, Gustincich S, Sblattero D, Cotella D. (2015). Engineering mammalian cell factories with SINEUP noncoding RNAs to improve translation of secreted proteins. Gene 569(2):287-93. IF: 2.319.

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Honors and Awards

2011                            1st prize (out of 2500 participants) with the PARKscreen project, Working Capital National Award (Italian national prize for Innovation in biotechnology).

2011                            1st prize with the PARKscreen project, Start Cup Regional Competition (Italian Region Friuli Venezia Giulia business plan competition).

2003                           The Giovanni Armenise-Harvard Foundation career development award.

2002                           Charles A. King Trust, The Medical Foundation fellowship award.

1994                           European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) long-term fellowship.

1992                                       Area Science Park award for young scientists involved in biotechnology research, Trieste, Italy.


1989                            Antonio Marzullo award for best BS thesis of the year in Biological Sciences, Trieste, Italy.


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