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Simone Angioni

Web content and Project manager
Research Support Administrative Senior
Research Organization Directorate
Research center

I am a chemist with a PhD in Organic Chemistry and Material Sciences. My research activity was focused mainly on hydrogen and fuel cells applications. In the last few years as a post-doc at University of Pavia, I opened a research line based on microbial fuel cells for waste water purification, with an innovative layout designed to harvest carbon dioxide produced by the cells using microalgae. 
Since 2017 I am working in IIT as web content and project manager.

During my free time, I disseminate science using my social accounts (facebook, instagram, twitch, youtube). As a science communicator, I worked with most of Italian broadcast channels, newspapers and radios. I founded one of the biggest podcast in Italy: Scientificast.


Title: PhD
Institute: University of Pavia
Location: Pavia
Country: Italy
From: 2007 To: 2011


Title: Certificate Deutsch
Description: Certificato di lingua tedesca
Date: 05-02-2018

Experience External

Title: Post Doc
Institute: Università di Pavia
Location: Pavia
Country: Pavia
From: 2011 To: 2017

All Publications
Angioni S., Millia L., Mustarelli P., Doria E., Temporiti M.E., Mannucci B., Corana F., Quartarone E.
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Angioni S., Millia L., Bruni G., Ravelli D., Mustarelli P., Quartarone E.
Novel composite polybenzimidazole-based proton exchange membranes as efficient and sustainable separators for microbial fuel cells
Journal of Power Sources, vol. 348, pp. 57-65
Article Journal
Quartarone E., Angioni S., Mustarelli P.
Polymer and composite membranes for proton-conducting, high-temperature fuel cells: A critical review
Materials, vol. 10, (no. 7)
Angioni S., Millia L., Bruni G., Tealdi C., Mustarelli P., Quartarone E.
Improving the performances of Nafion™-based membranes for microbial fuel cells with silica-based, organically-functionalized mesostructured fillers
Journal of Power Sources, vol. 334, pp. 120-127
Article Journal
Angioni S., Villa D.C., Mustarelli P., Quartarone E.
Polybenzimidazoles with enhanced basicity: A chemical approach for durable membranes
High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells: Approaches, Status, and Perspectives, pp. 239-250, Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Book Chapter Book