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Raffaele Vecchione

Chief Technician

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Bio-Logic Materials




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Born in Naples the 1st of October 1976.


Since Mar. 2010: Italian Institute of technology, Naples.
Senior Post Doc Researcher at the Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Health Care (ABC) of IIT@CRIB
Main activities:
- Collaborate to the start up and consolidation of 3D Lab and Cell Instructive Materials of ABC center.
- Develope microfluidics platforms as well as micro and nanofabricated devices mainly for biomedical applications.

Sept. 2009 - Feb. 2010: STmicroelectronics Agrate, Italy.
VII level Functionary Process Engineer in the field of Wet Cleaning and Etching.
Development of selective wet etch recipes for new materials configurations with particular focus on a key world project based on new low cost and high performing metal contacts.
Activity carried out in a clean room, class 1, with machines used for production and through a weekly interaction with French STMicroelectronics R&D.

June 2007 – Sept. 2009: STmicroelectronics Naples, Italy.
Process Engineer in the field of Printed Electronics.
Main activities:
- Contribution to the start up and consolidation of ST laboratory at IMAST in Portici.
- Micro and nanofabrication (down to 120nm) by using technologies such as Nano-Imprinting Lithography (NIL), Soft Lithography, Ink Jet Printing (IJP), Mask Aligner, Metallization and Reactive Ion Etching.
- Thermal (DSC, TGA), morphological (Profiler, AFM) and surface energy (Contact Angle Instrument) analysis.
- Collaboration with European and Italian partners in the field of projects such as PROTEM, NANOHAND, NAIMO, ONE-P, PODIME, TRIPODE.
- Assessment with European and US suppliers on new materials and innovative high performing processing equipments.
- Coordination of several students for stages and thesis.

June 2006 – May 2007: IBM Zurich, Switzerland.
ST controller for research activity at IBM in the field of Probe Storage.
Polymer media assessment carried out by making, detecting, erasing nano-indentations with a home made AFM controlled by MATLAB programs designed according to the desired tests.
Previous three months spent in ST Agrate for training on Probe Storage topic.

Sep. 2002 – Feb. 2006: STmicroelectronics Naples, Italy.
Researcher in the field of Materials Development
Manufacturing of polymeric materials such as polymer-based nanocomposites and polymeric electrodes for organic fuel cells in collaboration with the Department of Materials Engineering & Production of Naples “Federico II”

Oct 2001 – Sep. 2002: Laminazione Sottile S.p.a., Caserta (IT) & Department of Materials Engineering & Production of Naples “Federico II”.
Scholarship holder, research subject: “Treatments on Aluminum alloys surfaces in place of the phosphocromatation”.
R&D activities and know how transferring from University to Laminazione Sottile starting up a characterization laboratory basically for corrosion and surface energy measurements.

Mar 2001 – Sep. 2001: Department of Materials Engineering and Production, University of Naples “Federico II”.
Working contract, research subject: “Metal surface coatings as protection by corrosion”.
Corrosion evaluation of coated Aluminum by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).


Sep. 1995 - Jan. 2001: Department of Materials Engineering and Production, University of Naples (Italy) ''Federico II''.
Degree in Materials Engineering: 110/110 summa cum laude.
Thesis title: “Role of specific and non specific interactions in the absorption of low molecular weight substances in polymer materials”.
Merit: EDISU Scolarships.

Sep. 1990 - Jun. 1995: Scientific High Scool ''Vincenzo Cuoco'', Naples (Italy)
Scientific Maturity: 60/60.

Selected Publications


- L. Occhipinti, M. La Rosa, A. Marcellino, D. Nicolosi, G. Sicurella, N. Malagnino, F. Porro, R. Vecchione, L. Fortuna and E. Umana, Integration of Nano-organic Materials and Technologies for Microsystems and Microelectronics, International newsletter on Micro-Nano Integration (mst-news), no 3/08 June 2008, pp.20-23.

- L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, M. Gioffrè, M. La Rosa, N. Malagnino, A. Marcellino, D.Nicolosi, L. Occhipinti, F. Porro, G. Sicurella, E. Umana, R. Vecchione, On the way to plastic computation, IEEE Circuits and System Magazine, Third quarter 2008.

- D. Wiesmann, C. Rawlings, R. Vecchione, F. Porro, B. Gotsmann, A. Knoll, D. Pires, U. Duerig, Multi Tbit/in2 storage densities with thermo-mechanical probes, Nano Lett., 2009, 9 (9), pp 3171-3176.

- L.G. Occhipinti, M. La Rosa, N. Malagnino, A. Marcellino, D. Nicolosi, F. Porro, G. Sicurella, R. Vecchione, Printed organic electronics technology platform: towards plastic microprocessors, Micro and Nanosystems, Vol.2  No.1   Mar  2010  pp. 1-14


- R. Vecchione, V. Casuscelli, M.V. Volpe, L. Nicolais, G. Carotenuto, F. Esposito, S. Leonardi, Process for manufacturing a polymeric composite material, published (8 Jun 06) Ref. 20060121262 (US Patent).

- R. Vecchione, S. Leonardi, G. Mensitieri, A. Borriello, Co-continous polymeric systems for PCMFC electrodes, published (27 Nov 08) Ref. 20080292934 (US Patent).

- R. Vecchione, G. Mensitieri, A. Borriello, Electrocatalytic polymer-based powder, method of production and use thereof, filed (02 Feb 2009), Ref. 12363985 (US Patent).

- R. Vecchione, R. Cuozzo, A. Morra, T. Napoletano, Process for manufacturing a non-volatile memory structure via soft lithography, granted (03 Feb 2009), Ref. 7485492 (US Patent).

- R. Vecchione, L. Occhipinti, Mold having nanometric features, method for realizing such a mold and corresponding use of it in a method for realizing an array of carbon nanotubes, filed (30 Mar 09) Ref. 12413688 (US Patent).

- R. Vecchione, L. Occhipinti, N. Malagnino, R. Scaldaferri, M.V. Volpe, Low cost method for fabrication of vertical interconnections combined to metal top electrodes, filed (July 2009) Ref. VA09A0000054 (IT Patent).


- F. Esposito, G. Carotenuto, V. Casuscelli, R. Vecchione, M.V. Volpe, A Universal method for the synthesis of metal and sulphide cluster embedded into polymer matrixes, CNR area of Bologna, (February 2004).

- D. Wiesmann, U. Duerig, B. Gotsmann, A. Knoll, D. Pires, H. Pozidis, F. Porro, and R. Vecchione, Ultra-high storage densities with thermo-mechanical probes and polymer media, IMST 2007 at Enschede Netherland.


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