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Pauline Hilt

Post Doc

Research Line

Multiscale Brain Communication


CTNSC@UniFe Ferrara


Selected Publications

Hilt P, Bartoli E, Ferrari E, Jacono M, Fadiga L, D’Ausilio A (2017) Action observation effects reflect the modular organization of the human motor system, Cortex

Hilt P, Delis I, Pozzo T, Berret B (2017), Spatiotemporal organization of whole-body muscle activity during upright reaching movements in various directions: modularity or not modularity?, bioRxiv

Hilt P, Berret B, Papaxanthis C, Stapley P and Pozzo T (2016), Evidence for subjective values guiding posture and movement coordination in a free-endpoint whole-body reaching task, Scientific Report

Authié C, Hilt P, N’Guyen S, Berthoz A, Bennequin D (2015), Differences in gaze anticipation for locomotion with and without vision, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience


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