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Maurizio Ventre

Affiliated Researcher

Research Line

Bio-Logic Materials




Largo Barsanti e Matteucci 53
+39 081 7685929
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Maurizio Ventre

Born in Naples (Italy) on 8 February 1979 


Education and Training

March 2003: M.S. Engineering (University of Naples – Italy)

Nov 2003: PhD Student at University of Naples

Oct 2004 - Oct 2005: Visiting Scientist at University of Northampton (former University College of Northampton – UK)

Dec 2006: PhD, University of Naples

June 2007 – June 2010: post-doc at Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Biomaterials (CRIB), University of Naples.

July 2010 – Dec 2011: post-doc at Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Heathcare, Italian Institute of Technology.

Dec 2011: Assistena Professor in Material Science and Enginering at the University of Naples Federico II

Selected Publications

International Journals
Mollica F., Ventre M., Sarracino F., Ambrosio L., Nicolais L. Mechanical properties and modelling of a hydrophilic composite used as biomaterial. Compos Sci Technol, 66, 92-101, 2006
Mollica F., Ventre M., Sarracino F., Ambrosio L., Nicolais L. Implicit constitutive equations in the modeling of bimodular materials: An application to biomaterials. Comput Math Appl, 53, 209-218, 2007 
Ventre M., Mollica F., Netti P.A. Hyperelastic model of bovine dermis with distributed fibre orientation. J Biomech, 41 Suppl 1, S30, 2008
Ventre M., Mollica F., Netti P.A. The effect of composition and microstructure on the viscoelastic properties of dermis. J Biomech, 42, 430-435, 2009 
Guarnieri D., De Capua A., Ventre M., Borzacchiello A., Pedone C., Marasco D., Ruvo M., Netti P.A. Covalently immobilized RGD gradient on PEG hydrogel scaffold influences cell migration parameters. Acta Biomater, 6, 2532–2539, 2010
Stefanoni F., Ventre M., Mollica F., Netti P.A. A numerical model for durotaxis. J Theor Biol, 280, 150–158, 2011
Diez M., Schulte V.A., Stefanoni F., Natale C.F., Mollica F., Cesa C.M., Chen J., Möller M., Netti P.A., Ventre M. and Lensen M.C. Molding Micropatterns of Elasticity on PEG-Based Hydrogels to control cell adhesion and migration. Adv Eng Mater, 13, B395-B404, 2011
Ventre M., Valle F., Bianchi M., Biscarini F., Netti P.A.: Cell-fluidics: producing cellular streams on micropatterned synthetic surfaces. Langmuir, Langmuir 28, 714-721, 2012
Oliviero O., Ventre M., Netti P.A. Functional porous hydrogels to study angiogenesis under the effect of controlled release of vascular endothelial growth factor. Acta Biomater 2012 (doi: 10.1016/j.actbio.2012.05.019)

Ventre M., Causa F. and Netti P.A.: Determinants of cell –material crosstalk at the interface: towards engineering of cell instructive materials J. R. Soc. Interface 2012 (doi: 10.1098/rsif.2012.0308)
Book Chapters
Ventre M., Netti P.A., Urciuolo F., Ambrosio L. Soft Tissues Characteristics and Strategies for Their Replacement and Regeneration. In Strategies in Regenerative Medicine: Integrating Biology with Materials Design (Santin M. Ed.), Ch 2, 15-54, 2009 (ISBN 978-0387746593)
Purbrick M., Ambrosio L., Ventre M., Netti P.A. Natural composites structure-property relationships in bone cartilage ligaments and tendons. In Biomedical Composites (Ambrosio L. Ed.), Ch 1, 3-24, 2010 (ISBN 978-1845694364)


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