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Daniela Guarnieri

Affiliated Researcher

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Nanobiointeractions & Nanodiagnostics

Bio-Logic Materials


IIT Central Research Labs Genova



Via Morego 30
+39 081 19933127
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Dr. Daniela Guarnieri received her Masters Science in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Naples Federico II in July 2003, discussing an experimental thesis on secretory pathway analysis of regulated proteins in epithelial cells. From 2003 to 2006 she worked as PhD student at the Department of Materials and Production Engineering of the University of Naples "Federico II" under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Netti. During her doctoral studies, she contributed to understand the molecular mechanisms of cell-material interactions for the design of biomaterials applicable in tissue engineering. From June 2007 to June 2010, she worked at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre of Biomaterials (CRIB) of Naples where she expanded her research interests in the mechanisms of nanoparticle uptake and toxicity. In this framework, she developed protocols for studying the intracellular trafficking of internalized nanoparticles in endothelial cells. From July 2010 to January 2016, she worked as a senior post-doc researcher at the Center for Advanced Biomaterials for health Care (CABHC) - Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia of Naples, where she studied the mechanisms of nanoparticle delivery across the blood brain barrier as well as their drug delivery efficacy and their nanotoxicological effects. At the beginning of February 2016, she joined the group of Nanobiointeractions and Nanodiagnostics  under the supervision of Dr. Pierpaolo Pompa. Currently, she is focusing her research interests in the implementation of the study of the internalization and intracellular fate of nanoparticles with applications in nanotoxicology, nanomedicine and in vivo validation. Daniela Guarnieri is author of 31 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters and several communications to national and international conferences in the field of biomaterials and related applications: tissue engineering, nanotoxicology and drug delivery.


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