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Claudia Latella

Post Doc

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Dynamic Interaction Control


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


Via San Quirico, 19D
+39 010 2898 224
+39 010 71781 13224
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Claudia Latella received her BEng in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Genova (Italy) in March 2009.

She got the MEng in Bioengineering (110/110, cum laude) in March 2011 at the University of Genova, with an experimental mechanical thesis carried out at DynaMat Laboratories of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), Lugano, dealing with the mechanical tensile behavior of bovine bones.

After a working period, she came back to the academic environment starting her Ph.D in November 2014 at the Italian Institute of Technology where she obtained the Ph.D title in March 2018 with a thesis  focussed on simultaneous multimodal sensor fusion for motion and force capture estimation for human movements.  Since then, she is a Post Doc researcher in the Dynamic Interaction Control (DIC) lab, at IIT.



Latella, C.. ; Tirupachuri, Y. ; Rapetti, L. ; Ferigo, D. ; Traversaro, S. ; Sorrentino, I. ; Andrade Chavez, F.J. ; Nori, F. ; Pucci D. “A Human Perception System for Robot Collaborative Tasks” - IROS-EPHRC 2019, Workshop on Progress in Ergonomic Physical Human-Robot Collaboration, IROS 2019, Macau, China November 8, 2019

Latella, C. “Advancing Human-Robot Collaboration via Online Human Kinematics and Dynamics Estimation” - Women in Robotics Workshop (WiRW) V on Robotics : Science and Systems Conference 2019 (RSS), Women in Robotics Workshop, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, June 23, 2019

Latella, C.; Tagliapietra, L.; Ferigo, D.; Tirupachuri, Y.; Nori, F. ;Pucci, D. "Advancing Human-Robot Collaboration through Online Human Inverse Dynamics Estimation" - Workshop on Advanced Robotics and its Social Impacts, ARSO2018, Genoa, Italy, September 27-28, 2018

Latella, C.; Tagliapietra,L; Nori, F. "Towards the Online Ex-situ Human Inverse Dynamics Estimation" - Workshop on Human Movement Understanding for Humanoids and Wearable Robots, IROS2017, Vancouver, Canada, September 28, 2017

Lazzaroni, M.; Lorenzini, M.; Latella, C.; Romano, F.; Traversaro, S.; Akhras, A.; Pucci, D.; Nori, F.; De Momi, E. "Computational Improvement in Human Dynamics Estimation" - 5th International Symposium on Sensor Science, I3S2017, Barcelona,  Spain , September 28, 2017

Latella, C.; Lorenzini, M.; Lazzaroni, M.; Romano, F.; Nori, F. "Online Human Inverse Dynamics Estimation in a Physical Human-robot Interaction" - Workshop on Mechanics of Human Locomotion and the Development of Wearable Robotics Systems, ICRA2017, Singapore, May 15, 2017

Latella, C.; Lazzaroni, M.; Lorenzini, M.; Nori, F. "Human Whole-Body Inverse Dynamics during Human-Robot Interaction" - Workshop on Human Performance and Robotics, Humanoids 2016, Cancun, Mexico, November 15, 2016

Latella, C.; Kuppuswamy, N.; Nori, F. "Multimodal Sensor Fusion for a Wearable Motion and Force Capture System" - Workshop on Robotic and Interactive Technologies for Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation, RIC-IIT, Arenzano, August 31- September 02, 2015

Latella, C.; Kuppuswamy, N.; Nori, F. "Multimodal Sensor Fusion for a Wearable Motion and Force Capture System" - Workshop on Human Movement Understanding and Neuromechanics, ICRA 2015, Seattle, May 26-30, 2015

Selected Publications

Latella, C; Dotta, M;  Forni, D; Tesio, N;  Cadoni, E. "Influence of strain rate on the mechanical behaviour in tension of bovine cortical bone" - EPJ Web of Conferences, Vol. 94, 2015, DYMAT 2015 - 11th International Conference on the Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading, Lugan, Switzerland


Spinger/IFToMM Lagrange Award 2019 for the Best Phd Thesis on Multibody Dynamics - “Human Whole-Body Dynamics Estimation for Enhancing Physical Human-Robot Interaction”, in ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics, Duisburg, Germany, July 15-18, 2019

ECSA-2 Best Paper Award in 2015 - Latella, C.; Kuppuswamy, N.; Nori, F. "Force and motion capture system based on distributed micro-accelerometers, gyros, force and tactile sensing" - 2nd International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications (ECSA) November 15-30, 2015


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