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Seyed Amir Mohamad Hosseini Rad

Guest Student
Dynamic Legged Systems
Research center

Amir Rad is a Robotics Mechanical Engineer currently working as a member of the Dynamic Legged Systems (DLS) lab at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genova, Italy. Amir is pursuing a Master's degree in Robotics Engineering from the University of Genova (UniGe).

In his current role at IIT, under the supervision of Dr. Claudio Semini and Dr. Matteo Villa, Amir is actively engaged in designing and fabricating an innovative mechanism for trash collection in mobile robots. His responsibilities extend to conducting Mechanical Design, Motion Simulations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and hands-on laboratory tasks, such as robot maintenance, development, and testing.

Prior to his role at IIT, Amir served as a Robotics Mechanical Engineer at the FUM Robotics Lab, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. Under the guidance of Dr. Alireza AkbarZadeh, he contributed to the design and simulation of parts for a Lower-Limb Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot, the mechanical design and dynamic analysis of a self-balancing robot, and the design and fabrication of an EMG sensor’s mechanical structure.

Amir also was employed as a Mechanical Design Engineer at the Urban Railway Company of Mashhad in Iran (Feb 2021 – Jul 2022). In this role, he played a key part in the mechanical design of Train Switch Machines and Pantograph, involving reverse engineering processes. Additionally, he was responsible for creating Detailed Production Plans (DPP) for the Train Switch Machines Pantograph parts.

Amir earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Sadjad University of Technology (SUT), Mashhad, Iran. His thesis, titled "Robotic Non-destructive Inspection Using Eddy Current Method," earned him a remarkable grade of 100%.

Amir's skills span the spectrum of robot mechanics, including Mechanical Design, Finite Element Method, Motion Simulation, and Kinematics & Dynamics Analysis. His programming proficiency encompasses Python, MATLAB, and C++, while his adeptness with software includes Siemens NX, SOLIDWORKS, Ansys, AutoCAD, MATLAB & Simulink, and more.

Amir has also performed projects like the design of a 2-Axis Robot for Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection, a 2-DOF Parallel Robot Motion Simulator, and an 8-Legged Robot inspired by the Theo Johnson Mechanism.