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Despoina Kossyvaki

PhD Student Fellow
PhD Student Fellow
Smart Materials
Research center
Despoina Kossyvaki currently works as a PhD student in the group of Smart Materials at the Italian Institute of Technology. Her current main focus is the fabrication of polymer based smart colorimetric indicators able to trace pH changes deriving from alterations in the metabolic activity of microorganisms. The indicators are developed by combining biocompatible polymers with functional molecules of natural origin, able to change color at environments of different acidity.
All Publications
Contardi M., Kossyvaki D., Picone P., Summa M., Guo X., Heredia-Guerrero J.A., Giacomazza D., Carzino R., Goldoni L., Scoponi G., Rancan F., Bertorelli R., Di Carlo M., Athanassiou A., Bayer I.S.
Electrospun polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) hydrogels containing hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives as potential wound dressings
Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 409
Article Journal
Kossyvaki D., Suarato G., Summa M., Gennari A., Francini N., Gounaki I., Venieri D., Tirelli N., Bertorelli R., Athanassiou A., Papadopoulou E.L.
Keratin–cinnamon essential oil biocomposite fibrous patches for skin burn care
Materials Advances
Article Journal
Nuzzo D., Contardi M., Kossyvaki D., Picone P., Cristaldi L., Galizzi G., Bosco G., Scoglio S., Athanassiou A., Di Carlo M.
Heat-Resistant Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) Extract (Klamin®) as a Functional Ingredient in Food Strategy for Prevention of Oxidative Stress
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, vol. 2019
Kossyvaki D., Papadopoulou E.L., Suarato G., Gounaki I., Venieri D., Athanassiou A.
Keratin-Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Cinnamon Essential Oil electrospun nanofibers as natural-based smart wound dressings
Italian national conference on the physics of matter
Poster Conference