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Soheil Gholami

PhD Student
Human-Robot Interfaces and Physical Interaction
Research center

Soheil Gholami obtained both his Bachelor of Science (2013) and Master of Science (2016) degrees in electrical engineering with a focus on control engineering. Since February 2019, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioengineering at Politecnico di Milano in the Neuroengineering and Medical Robotics laboratory (NearLab), working in collaboration with istituto Italiano di tecnologia at the Human-Robot Interfaces and Physical Interaction (HRI2) laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Elena De Momi and Dr. Arash Ajoudani. He has been serving as a reviewer for several journals and conferences such as IEEE T-RO, IEEE IROS, Robotica, etc. He is currently involved in the European Research Council (ERC) Ergo-Lean project, which aims to study human ergonomics during complex human-robot-environment interactions. His research is mainly focused on the development and implementation of advanced techniques and interfaces for dynamic human-robot interaction and collaboration, control theory and mathematics, and human factors. 

E-mail: soheil [DOT] gholami {at} iit [DOT] it

All Publications
Ruiz Garate V., Gholami S., Ajoudani A.
A Scalable Framework for Multi-Robot Tele-Impedance Control
IEEE Transactions on Robotics
Article in Press Journal
Gholami S., Ruiz Garate V., De Momi E., Ajoudani A.
A Probabilistic Shared-Control Framework for Mobile Manipulators
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
Conference Paper Conference
Gholami S., Ruiz Garate V., De Momi E., Ajoudani A.
A Shared-Autonomy Approach to Goal Detection and Navigation Control of Mobile Collaborative Robots
The 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication
Conference Paper Conference