Center for Sustainable Future Technologies

Center for Sustainable Future Technologies

The Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies (CSFT) located within the Environment Park in Turin has embraced sustainability in its mission statement and is engaged in the global scientific and technological endeavours to address the sustainability challenges, primarily the reduction of anthropogenic CO2 footprint and improved efficiency in the usage of alternative energy and feedstocks. To deliver sustainability-compliant technologies the Centre fosters alternate routes, which include the development of advanced materials for carbon capture and storage along with in-depth characterization of their properties at the structural, chemical, electrical, electrochemical, and mechanical levels. The equally appealing approach pursued by the Centre is based on the development of best-practice biology-based process technologies for carbon transformation into valuable specialty or everyday products. Based on diversified expertise, the Advanced Materials for Sustainable Future Technologies line and the Systems and Synthetic Biology create complementary and converging solutions to meet the demands for sustainability.


  • Laboratory of systems and synthetic biology
  • Laboratory of chemical synthesis
  • Laboratory for microscopy-based characterization
  • Laboratory for Colloidal EneRgEtic Systems (CERES)

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IIT Publications List

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Advanced Materials
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An Integrated Device for the Solar-Driven Electrochemical Conversion of CO2to CO
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, vol. 8, (no. 20), pp. 7563-7568

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10144 Torino
Tel: +39 011 5091900