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Zoli M., Roldan D., Guzman H., Castellino M., Chiodoni A., Bejtka K., Russo N., Hernandez S.
Facile and scalable synthesis of Cu2O-SnO2 catalyst for the photoelectrochemical CO2 conversion
Catalysis Today
Ricci L., Seifert A., Bernacchi S., Fino D., Pirri C.F., Re A.
Leveraging substrate flexibility and product selectivity of acetogens in two-stage systems for chemical production
Microbial Biotechnology, vol. 16, (no. 2), pp. 218-237
Maruccia E., Piovano A., Lourenco M.A.O., Priamushko T., Cavallo M., Bocchini S., Bonino F., Pirri F.C., Kleitz F., Gerbaldi C.
Revealing the competitive effect of N2 and H2O towards CO2 adsorption in N-rich ordered mesoporous carbons
Materials Today Sustainability, vol. 21