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From the laboratory to the market


One of the main missions of Rehab Technologies Lab is to transfer the technology and know-how developed to make innovation usable to the market.

From the laboratory to the hospital or to the home of the patient. The desire is to improve people's health and implement developments, through a process that goes from clinical trials to the certification, up to the start of the industrialization phase and landing on the market.

Above all, there are 3 elements that characterize Rehab Tech Lab's approach to technology transfer:

  • Users are involved in the idea. Already in the early stages of conception and research, the Laboratory focuses on the needs of individuals. The end user of a device, the recipient of a technology, has been involved in the design of a project from the very beginning.
  • Investment in intellectual property. Rehab Tech Lab has a patent-oriented approach rather than a scientific publication. The work within the laboratory is aimed at creating and improving devices that can improve people's living conditions. This is demonstrated by the fact that, within IIT, Rehab is one of the laboratories with the most patents.
  • Quality. Rehab Technologies Lab is ISO 13485 certified. Therefore, despite being a research laboratory, it already meets the specific quality standard that is required of companies in the medical sector.


Tech Transfer - RAISE project

RAISE: Ecosystem of Innovation
Rehab Technologies Lab is involved in the RAISE innovation ecosystem (Robotics and AI for Socio-economic Empowerment), designed by Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), CNR and the University of Genoa. The project, which involves public and private partners, aims to support the development of an innovation ecosystem based on the scientific and technological domains of AI and Robotics, involving the skills already present and consolidated in the Ligurian territory and attracting national and international companies, investors and researchers. Specifically, Rehab Technologies will be involved in the Spoke 2, project dedicated to Smart Devices and Technologies for Personal and Remote Healthcare, for the design and development of intelligent platforms and devices for remote and personal care; intelligent environments to support continuity of care; robotic systems for intervention and patient care; prostheses and assistive robotic support systems.
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For all the informations and details about technology transfer, write an email to the following address:

Technology Transfer Manager: Matteo Laffranchi