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Center for Genomic Science - Milano

The Center for Genomic Science applies modern genomic technologies towards a better understanding of complex biological processes and diseases, with particular emphasis on Cancer.

The Center is located within the IFOM-IEO Campus in Milan, one of the largest and most vibrant cancer research communities in Europe. The Center provides state-of-the art technological platforms for functional as well as structural genomics, and benefits from all the infrastructure, technological platforms and didactic activities already present in the IFOM-IEO Campus. Our PhD program is integrated with that of SEMM, the European School of Molecular Medicine.

The mission of our Center is to identify changes in the genome that underlie the development of cancer, as well as its susceptibility to therapeutic intervention. Our general aim is to reduce pathological traits into their molecular components, which might correspond to disease markers or potential targets for pharmacological intervention. We will exploit these molecular markers and targets in order to build up strategic programs for disease prevention, early detection and treatment.

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Via Adamello 16,
20139 Milano
Tel: +39 02 9437 2281
Fax +39 02 9437 5991

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