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Work at IIT - Key points

Our Selection Process

Our selection process is grounded on two essential elements: Competitiveness and Meritocracy.
We like challenges and in our offices and labs, we work every day to tackle large and small ones, looking at increasingly ambitious goals. For this reason, we are looking for brilliant future colleagues, who will help us carry out this continuous process of technological improvement and innovation and to find you, we search all over the world.

If you are applying for a position at IIT, what should you expect?

In IIT we have many roles and, in order to select the right people to cover them, we use different systems, always choosing the one that allows us greater effectiveness and transparency.
The process will follow the steps below:

Prescreening: your application package is evaluated by the selection managers, which vary depending on the role you are applying for.

Always make sure you have submitted all the material requested for in the job post!

For scientific candidates not included in the Tenure Track path, the selection consists of an interview and /or seminar in front of the evaluation panel composed of scientific staff and the selection manager.

For non-scientific candidates, the selection steps are:
Technical test: you will be asked to perform a practical test, which involves tasks characteristic of the position for which you are applying. Presentations, work samples, exercises on specific programs and simulations are common activities during this phase;

Assessment: for some positions, you will be required to participate in a full day assessment, where you will face a series of tests together with other candidates;

Interview: all candidates who reach the final steps will have a one-to-one interview with the selection manager or with the evaluation panel in charge of making the final decision.

In case you get contacted to participate to a selection, show off your best performance and be on time!


Scientific Staff 

The scientific staff operationally carries out all the research activities of the Foundation and is organizes in different roles:

Fellow / Post Doc: these are scientific personnel with various levels of seniority, starting from those who are about to obtain a PhD up to those who have already achieved it for several years. They carry out their activities within the lines of research coordinated by Principal Investigators.

Researcher: senior scientific staff who carry out research activities independently within the Research Line in which they operate and in coordination with the relevant Principal Investigator. Researchers coordinate small research groups composed of post-docs and /or PhD students.

Technologist: scientific staff who are responsible for managing transversal facilities, coordinating their personnel, or carrying out research activities with technology transfer objectives.

Principal Investigator (PI): senior scientific staff at the head of a Research Line. They are responsible for the implementation of the scientific program, for their part of the budget and coordinates their staff.


Infrastructure technicians: technical personnel who are responsible for developing and maintaining the Foundation's infrastructures, such as physical or IT facilities. Figures that fall into this area are maintenance workers, the Technical Office and ICT activities operators.

Laboratory technicians: they are fundamental figures in support of research, in charge of a series of tasks and responsibilities such as the organization and maintenance of laboratory instruments and equipment, data recording, as well as the control of efficiency and precision in the conduction of scientific experiments and in research.

Administrative Staff

This cluster includes those roles directly supporting scientific research activities, such as experts in the field of technology transfer, protection of intellectual property, scientific and institutional communication, activities related to the organization of research (such as evaluation of scientific careers, research agreements, support to the submission of competitive projects). It also includes all staff dedicated to traditional administrative activities such as, to name a few, purchasing, accounting and Human Capital.


Would you like to do an internship at the IIT Foundation?

If the answer is yes, but you do not know how to orient yourself, take a look to our research section to find out which of the research lines are closer to the path you would like to take! When accessing the pages of the line that interests you most, you will find the name of the manager (PI) that you can directly contact to submit your application!

If, on the other hand, you wish to have a training experience at one of the Administrative Departments of IIT, send your spontaneous application to and, if there is the possibility of activating a curricular or extra-curricular internship, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are thinking of a PhD program, then check the open positions on the PhD School page to submit your application and participate in the call!


All scientific staff are free to organize their activities autonomously with no time constraints. In addition, access to the laboratories is granted 24 hours a day, including weekends, to allow all researchers to manage their time in the most suitable way.

The daily working hours for the technical and administrative staff are usually set at 8 hours and the beginning and end of the workday are flexible within the limits set by IIT as follows:
- beginning 8.00 - 10.00
- end 17.00 - 19.00

The technical-administrative staff, to which the pay for overtime work is recognized, can use the Hour-Bank for all the overtime hours worked, in order to choose whether to use those extra hours for remuneration or for leave time.

In addition, IIT promotes the training and health care of its personnel, through specific permits allowed for participation in courses aimed at obtaining educational qualifications and permits for cycles of treatment and medical examinations.

To encourage the participation of the technical and administrative staff in scientific experimental activities, a paid permit is provided for those who propose themselves, as a voluntary subject for such activities.


Teleworking is a tool dedicated to the technical and administrative staff, to allow everyone to find a more appropriate balance between private life and work.
A written agreement with IIT is required through a specific procedure that will give you the opportunity to carry out your job from home for a maximum of 2 days a week.
Furthermore, in the event in which the Municipality where your workplace is based issues a red alert notice for reasons of force majeure, extraordinary teleworking is guaranteed to all those who request it.

Stop the clock

To support the scientific staff with  both the well-being of their families and the continuation of research, we adopt the "stop the clock" policy, that is in addition to the mandatory and parental leave for birth/ adoption/ custody of children provided for by current legislation. The working relationship and the scientific evaluations envisaged for career paths are suspended for the period of mandatory/parental leave, in order to allow the staff who benefit from it, to quietly interrupt scientific research in an important period of their life. Once back, the scientific staff can recover the periods of suspension and terminate the previously interrupted activity, thus avoiding the interruption of their career path and in fact benefiting from a policy aimed at safeguarding gender equality in professional development.

For technical and administrative staff, the measures laid down by the legislation in force on the protection of parenthood shall be adopted.

Lastly, IIT stipulates specific agreements that guarantee access to discounts for kindergartens and schools for staff families.

Dual Career Service

It is a tool aimed at facilitating the work placement in Italy of the partners of Principal Investigators relocating from abroad, in order to ease the integration of the entire family unit in our country.

For this purpose, IIT has entered into an agreement with one of the main Italian agencies specialized in recruitment and selection: INTOO. We do not guarantee the hiring, but we provide the partner of our Principal Investigators with all the tools necessary to access an effective and satisfying job search.