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2D Materials Engineering
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Whelan P.R., Zhou B., Bezencenet O., Shivayogimath A., Mishra N., Shen Q., Jessen B.S., Pasternak I., Mackenzie D.M.A., Ji J., Sun C., Seneor P., Dlubak B., Luo B., Osterberg F.W., Huang D., Shi H., Luo D., Wang M., Ruoff R.S., Conran B.R., McAleese C., Huyghebaert C., Brems S., Booth T.J., Napal I., Strupinski W., Petersen D.H., Forti S., Coletti C., Jouvray A., Teo K.B.K., Centeno A., Zurutuza A., Legagneux P., Jepsen P.U., Boggild P.
Case studies of electrical characterisation of graphene by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
2D Materials, vol. 8, (no. 2)
Scagliotti M., Salvato M., De Crescenzi M., Mishra N., Fabbri F., Miseikis V., Coletti C., Catone D., Di Mario L., Boscardin M., Castrucci P.
Large-area, high-responsivity, fast and broadband graphene/n-Si photodetector
Nanotechnology, vol. 32, (no. 15)
Article Journal
Schadlich P., Speck F., Bouhafs C., Mishra N., Forti S., Coletti C., Seyller T.
Stacking Relations and Substrate Interaction of Graphene on Copper Foil
Advanced Materials Interfaces, vol. 8, (no. 7)
Review Journal
Bouhafs C., Pezzini S., Geisenhof F.R., Mishra N., Miseikis V., Niu Y., Struzzi C., Weitz R.T., Zakharov A.A., Forti S., Coletti C.
Synthesis of large-area rhombohedral few-layer graphene by chemical vapor deposition on copper
Carbon, vol. 177, pp. 282-290
Article Journal
Pace S., Ferrera M., Convertino D., Piccinini G., Magnozzi M., Mishra N., Forti S., Bisio F., Canepa M., Fabbri F., Coletti C.
Thermal stability of monolayer WS2 in BEOL conditions
JPhys Materials, vol. 4, (no. 2)
Article Journal