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Marta Damora

External collaborator
Visiting Scientist
Plasmon Nanotechnologies
Research center

Marta d'Amora graduated in Cellular e Molecular Biology and achieved her PhD in Neurochemistry and Neurobiology at the University of Genoa. Currently, she a senior post-doctoral researcher at the Plasmon nanotechnologies unit led by Dr. Francesco De Angelis. Her research focuses on the use of zebrafish during the development, as a vertebrate model, to evaluate the effects, transport, and biodistribution of nanomaterials and drugs for biomedical applications. Since June 2019, she is working on a multidisciplinary project in cancer therapies by coupling plasmonic nanoparticles and laser therapy. 

All Publications
Latini G., Signorile M., Rosso F., Fin A., Damora M., Giordani S., Pirri F., Crocellà V., Bordiga S., Bocchini S.
Efficient and reversible CO2 capture in bio-based ionic liquids solutions
Journal of CO2 Utilization
Article Journal
damora M., Camisasca A., Arenal R., Giordani S.
In Vitro and In Vivo Biocompatibility of Boron/Nitrogen Co-Doped Carbon Nano-Onions
Article Journal
Damora M., Raffa V., De Angelis F., Tantussi F.
Toxicological Profile of Plasmonic Nanoparticles in Zebrafish Model
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Review Journal
d'Amora M., Giordani S.
Zebrafish models of nanotoxicity – A comprehensive account
Nanomaterials Biointeractions – At the Cellular, Tissue and Organism level, Publisher: Springer-Nature
Book Chapter Book
damora M., Alfe M., Gargiulo V., Giordani S.
Graphene-like layers from carbon black: in vivo toxicity assessment
Article Journal