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Enrico Salemi

PhD Student Fellow
Microtechnology for Neuroelectronics
Research center

I've always been a curious child, and being a scientist is the only future I could ever see.

now I'm realizing my dream, studying for my Ph.D. in one of the most advanced institutions in neuroscience in Italy!


Title: Bachelor's Degree
Institute: Universita' degli studi di Catania
Location: Catania
Country: Italy
From: 2017 To: 2020

Title: Master's Degree
Institute: Università degli studi di Parma
Location: Parma
Country: italy
From: 2020 To: 2023

Experience External

Title: Intern
Institute: Max Planck Insitute for Brain Research
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany
From: 2023 To: 2023

Title: Intern
Institute: C.N.R. of Parma
Location: Parma
Country: italy
From: 2022 To: 2023