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Gavilán H., Avugadda S. K., Fernández-Cabada T., Soni N., Cassani M., Mai B. T., Chantrell R. W., Pellegrino T.
Magnetic nanoparticles and clusters for magnetic hyperthermia: optimizing their heat performance and developing combinatorial therapies to tackle cancer
Chemical Society Reviews
Avellini T., Soni N., Silvestri N., Fiorito S., De Donato F., De Mei C., Walther M., Cassani M., Ghosh S., Manna L., Stephan H., Pellegrino T.
Cation Exchange Protocols to Radiolabel Aqueous Stabilized ZnS, ZnSe, and CuFeS2 Nanocrystals with 64Cu for Dual Radio‐ and Photo‐Thermal Therapy
Advanced Functional Materials