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Sebastiano Curreli

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Optical Approaches to Brain Function


IIT Central Research Labs Genova


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October 2006 - July 2009: "Laurea triennale" (Bachelor degree) with score 110/110 in Biotechnology at the University of Genoa, thesis title “Ruolo del gene antiproliferativo BTG2 in un modello murino di gliomagenesi” (Role of the antiproliferative gene BTG2 in a murine model of gliomagenesis).
October 2009 - September 2011: "Laurea Magistrale" (Master degree) in Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology with score 110/110 cum Laude, thesis title “Caratterizzazione molecolare della suscettibilità alla gliomagenesi indotta da PDGF” (Molecular characterization of  the susceptibility to PDGF induced gliomagenesis).

Scientific experiences:
July 2008 – July 2009: 
Bachelor degree research training at the Gene Transfer unit of “Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul  Cancro (IST)” of Genoa, under the supervision of Dr. Paolo Malatesta. My research was focused on the role of the antiproliferative gene Btg2 in a murine model of PDGF-induced gliomagenesis.
August 2009 – September 2011: Master degree graduation research training at the Gene Transfer unit of “Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul  Cancro (IST)”, under the supervision of Dr. Paolo Malatesta. During this period I have studied different aspects of gliomagenesis modeling, focusing on tumor initiation and progression aiming to highlight their connections with neurogenesis.
October 2012 – December 2012: Research fellowship at Stem cells and Neurogenesis Unit of “Fondazione San Raffaele del monte Tabor” under the supervision of Dr. Vania Broccoli. During this experience I’ve been trained to apply direct reprogramming technologies obtaining induced-dopaminergic neurons from fibroblasts.
January 2012 - Present: I’m attending the “Neuroscience and Brain technologies” course held by “Life and Humanoid technologies” doctoral school, at IIT in Genoa under the supervision of Prof. Alexander Dityatev.


Disease modeling and cell therapy using human fibroblast-derived neurons

The focus of my research is the development and the application of cell reprogramming technologies to disease modeling and cell therapy fields.
Regarding the disease modeling side I’m working on the generation and characterization of a Phelam McDermid Syndrome model, while on the cell therapy side I’m developing several strategies to exploit direct reprogramming to functionally restore the Nigrostiatal circuitry in Parkinson’s disease models. 


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