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Remi Antoine Cambuzat

XR research engineer, VICARIOS Mixed Reality and Simulations Lab Researcher
Support Technician
Advanced Robotics
Research center

Hi, I'm Remi.

As an XR research engineer in the VICARIOS Mixed Reality and Simulations research lab, my goal is to impulse compelling immersive experience and implement edge technologies.

I'm currently part of the core-developer team on the "Caduta dall'Alto" simulator (Falling from Heights) where we're exploring a set of novel safety and mixed reality virtual training systems to improve workers safety when working at heights. The main challenges lie in the precise understanding of the mechanisms leading to the fall, in reliable bio-mechanical models, and in a realistic design for a mixed reality training environment. At the same time, ergonomics must be thoroughly investigated with field professionals to ensure their specific needs, and peculiar concerns are fully met.

I am also involved in the “Robot Teleoperativo 2" project which addresses immersive and collaborative teleoperation use-cases in challenging environments. Part of my work here is directed towards efficient integration of sensors data from the robotic platform as well as their meaningful representation inside a virtual environment for the pilot operator and his collaborators.