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Liam John Collard

Post-doctoral researcher
Post Doc
Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems
Research center

Dr Collard is a post-doctoral researcher working on the Nanobright project in IIT Lecce since 2019. Prior to this, he completed a PhD at the University of Leicester and was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham. He is interested in developing biosensers based on  Raman spectroscopy, adaptive optics and optical fibers.

All Publications
Zheng D., Collard L., Pisano F., Ciracì C., Pisanello M., Balena A., Spagnolo B., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Non-Planar Repeated Solid-State Dewetting for Narrow-Gap Au Nanoislands Taper SERS Neural Interface
MNE 2021
Poster Conference
Collard L., Pisano F., Pisanello M., Balena A., De Vittorio M., Pisanello F.
Wavefront engineering for controlled structuring of far-field intensity and phase patterns from multimodal optical fibers
APL Photonics, vol. 6, (no. 5)
Article Journal
Collard L., Zheng D., Pisano F., Kashif M.F., Pisanello M., Balena A., Grande M., Pisanello F., De Vittorio M.
Wavefront shaping applied to plasmonic fiber optics
MNE 2021
Poster Conference
Faraj B.H.A., Collard L., Cliffe R., Blount L.A., Lonnen R., Wallis R., Andrew P.W., Hudson A.J.
Formation of pre-pore complexes of pneumolysin is accompanied by a decrease in short-range order of lipid molecules throughout vesicle bilayers
Scientific Reports, vol. 10, (no. 1)
Collard L., Sinjab F., Notingher I.
Raman Spectroscopy Study of Curvature-Mediated Lipid Packing and Sorting in Single Lipid Vesicles
Biophysical Journal, vol. 117, (no. 9), pp. 1589-1598