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Jusef Hassoun

Affiliated Researcher

Research Line

2D Materials Engineering




University of Ferrara, Via Luigi Borsari 46, 44121, Ferrara, Italy
+39 0532 455163
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Jusef Hassoun is presently Associated Professor of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry at University of Ferrara, and affiliated researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) within 2D-materials engineering. After graduating in Chemistry in 2001 at University of Rome Sapienza, he worked in an industrial company for 3 years before returning to academy to obtain the PhD degree in Material Science in the field of advanced lithium ion batteries in 2009. In the course of the last years he has been visiting researcher and lecturer in various international laboratories, including Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung (ZSW) Ulm, Germany, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, and supervised the activity regarding the new generation energy storage systems, such as lithium sulfur, lithium air and sodium ion batteries. He has been Assistant Research Scientist at the Chemistry Department of the University of Rome Sapienza from 2011 to 2015. During the academic career, Jusef Hassoun published more than 180 papers in international journals, book and book chapters, patents, supervised several undergraduate, master and PhD students, participated to invited lectures in international conferences and managed various academic and industrial projects. Jusef Hassoun has been also visiting professor at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea (2017) and in Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Tokyo, Japan (2018, 2019 and 2020).


Projects management

2020/Present Motus-E: Associazione Motus-E Italy-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, University of Ferrara Joint contract titled "Studio di sistemi di accumulo di energia e loro applicazione in veicoli elettrici e sistemi di produzione di energia da fonti rinnovabili"

2015/2016 SAMSUNG: Samsung R&D Japan-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, University of Ferrara Joint contract titled "Solid-state lithium batteries"

2013/2016 BMW: BMW A.G- Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome Joint contract entitledDevelopment of anodes alternative to lithium metal for lithium-air batteries”.

2014/2015 SAMSUNG: Samsung R&D Japan-Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome Joint contract titled "Solid-state lithium batteries, optimization of Li/Sulphur and analysis of charge process for conventional type of solid-state batteries"

2012/2014 EVONIK: Evonik AG -Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome Joint contract entitled "Screening and testing of Evonik's specialty metal oxides for the use in Li-ion battery separator"

2012/2013 VOLKSWAGEN: Volkswagen A.G. -Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome Joint contract entitled "Gel-type electrolytes for lithum-sulfur batteries"

2012/2013 S.B. SOLAR: S.B. Solar s.r.l.-Chemistry Department, Sapienza University of Rome Joint contract entitled "Caratterizzazione e ottimizzazione di nuove batterie ad elevata energia e basso costo"

EU and National projects participation

2020/Present EU project Graphene Flagship Core 3

2012/2015 LISSEN: EU project entitled "LIthium Sulfur Superbattery Exploitating Nanotechnology", Grant Agreement n. 314282

2012/2013 PRIN 2010, Italian National Projec, Dip. Chimica, Sapienza, Università di Roma

2011/2012 REALIST (SEED): Italian Project entitled "Rechargeable, Advanced, Nano Structured Lithium Batteries with High Energy Storage), Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), HYDRO-ECO

2011/2014 APPLES: EU project entitled "Polymer Lithium batteries for Electrochemical Storage", Grant Agreement n. 265644


- Highly Cited Researchers 2018,Clarivate Analytics

- Science Award for Electrochemistry Volkswagen AG and BASF SE 2012, Wolfsburg 22 October 2012

- Premio LUAM Filippo Accascina, Convegno Giovani Chimici 18/19 Giugno 2008



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