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Jian-An Huang

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Plasmon Nanotechnologies


IIT Central Research Labs Genova

+39 010 71781 962

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Jian-An Huang (Vincent) started his research from an investigation of leaky mode resonance of semiconductor nanowires and applied it to both biosensing and optoelectronics. He received his PhD by studying reproducible Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) based on plasmonic nanopillars from City University of Hong Kong. He then worked as a Research Associate at the University of Hong Kong to build a scanning near-field optical microscope and a Raman spectrometer to study relaxation of micro/nanostructured In/GaN LED as well as low-dimentional plasmonic/semiconductor hybrid photodetectors. He then joint Italian Institute of Technology (iit) at Genova, Italy as a postdoc in 2016 to combine nanoparticle manipulation and microfluidic SERS for single-cell study and single-molecule sequencing. Currently, he is leading the research topic of single-molecule sequencing.


Plasmonics Nanophotonics Optofluidics Biophysics


Selected Publications

  1. JA Huang*, MZ Mousavi, G Giovannini, Y Zhao, A Hubarevich, MA Soler, W Rocchia, D Garoli*, F De Angelis, Multiplex discrimination of single amino acid residues in polypeptides by single SERS hot spot, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 59, 11423-11431 (2020)
  2. JA Huang, MZ Mousavi, Y Zhao, A Hubarevich, F Omeis, G Giovannini, M Schütte, D Garoli*, F De Angelis* SERS discrimination of single DNA bases in single oligonucleotides by electro-plasmonic trappingNature Communications 10, 5321 (2019) 
  3. JA Huang, V Caprettini, Y Zhao, G Melle, N Maccaferri, L Deleye, X Zambrana-Puyalto, M Ardini, F Tantussi, M Dipalo, F De Angelis*, On-demand Intracellular Delivery of Single Particles in Single Cells by 3D Hollow NanoelectrodesNano Letters,19, 2, 722-731,(2019)
  4. V Caprettini, JA Huang, F Moia, A Jacassi, CA Gonano, N Maccaferri, R Capozza, M Dipalo, F De Angelis*, Enhanced Raman investigation of cell membrane and intracellular compounds by 3D plasmonic nanoelectrode arraysAdvanced Science 5 (12), 1800560 (2018)
  5.  LB Luo*, JJ Chen, MZ Wang, H Hu, CY Wu, Q Li, L Wang, JA Huang*, FX Liang*, Near‐Infrared Light Photovoltaic Detector Based on GaAs Nanocone Array/Monolayer Graphene Schottky JunctionAdvanced Functional Materials 24 (19), 2794-2800, (2014)
  6. LB Luo*, XL Huang, MZ Wang, C Xie, CY Wu, JG Hu, L Wang, JA Huang*, The effect of plasmonic nanoparticles on the optoelectronic characteristics of CdTe nanowires, Small 10 (13), 2645-2652, (2014)
  7. JA Huang, YQ Zhao,, XJ Zhang, LF He, TL Wong, YS Chui, WJ Zhang*, ST Lee*, Ordered Ag/Si nanowires array: wide-range surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for reproducible biomolecule detectionNano Letters 13 (11), 5039-5045, (2013)
  8. X Zhang, H Tang, JA Huang, L Luo, JA Zapien, ST Lee*, Surface-enhanced emission from single semiconductor nanoribbonsNano Letters11(11), 4626-4630(2011).


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