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Jetsabel Maria Figueroa Tapia

PhD Student
PhD candidate

Research Line

Advanced Materials for Optoelectronics


CNST@PoliMi Milano

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Jetsabel Figueroa obtained her MSc degree in Chemical Product Engineering at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) and her BSc degree in Chemical Engineering at Universidad de Guadalajara (México). She conducted her master's thesis under the supervision of Prof. Ferdinand Grozema & Dr. Kevin Felter in the Optoelectronic Materials group (ChemE Delft). Here she studied triplet upconversion on perylene diimides (PDIs) using microwave conductivity and structural characterization techniques. She also interned in SCM (Amsterdam) and did bandgap simulations using Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF). Then she moved to the group of Annamaria Petrozza where she is using spectroscopic techniques to study defects & stability on lead halide perovskites. 


Perovskites Optoelectronics Solar Cells Photoluminescence


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