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Giuseppina Pace

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Printed and Molecular Electronics


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Dr. Giuseppina Pace (GP) obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry on 2007 from Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. She then moved to Cambridge for her post-doctoral studies in the Cavendish Laboratories to work in the field of organic optoelectronics. From 2012 to April 2020 she worked as a Senior Researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology. GP has a long research track record in the multidisciplinary field of experimental organic electronics, covering different aspects related to material chemistry, surface science, devices physics and engineering. She has extensive knowledge on the structure-function relationships of solution processable organic semiconductors, in particular polymers semiconductors, and self-assembled molecular systems embedded into electronic devices. 

Selected Publications

G Pace, I Bargigia, YY Noh, C Silva, M Caironi "Intrinsically distinct hole and electron transport in conjugated polymers controlled by intra and intermolecular interactions" Nature communications 10 (1), 1-11, 2019

G Pace, A Grimoldi, Z Rengert, GC Bazan, D Natali, M Caironi "Inkjet printed organic detectors with flat responsivity up to the NIR and inherent UV optical filtering" Synthetic Metals 254, 92-96, 2019

D Khim, A Luzio, GE Bonacchini, G Pace, MJ Lee, YY Noh, M Caironi "Uniaxial Alignment of Conjugated Polymer Films for High‐Performance Organic Field‐Effect Transistors" Advanced Materials 30 (20), 1705463, 2018

R Yivlialin, G Pace, G Bussetti, M Caironi, L Duò "Contact potential and scanning Kelvin force microscopy measurements on sulphate-anion intercalated graphite" Electrochimica Acta 267, 20-23, 2018

J Fang, F Gao, B Wallikewitz, G Pace, RH Friend, WTS Huck "Organic semiconductors" US Patent 9,755,151,  2017

L Caranzi, G Pace, M Sassi, L Beverina, M Caironi "Transparent and highly responsive phototransistors based on a solution-processed, nanometers-thick active layer, embedding a high-mobility electron-transporting polymer" ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (34), 28785-28794, 2017

I Maqueira-Albo, GE Bonacchini, G Dell'Erba, G Pace, M Sassi, M Rooney, M. Caironi "A latent pigment strategy for robust active layers in solution-processed, complementary organic field-effect transistors" Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (44), 11522-11531, 2017

XY Chin, G Pace, C Soci, M Caironi "Ambipolar charge distribution in donor–acceptor polymer field-effect transistors" Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (3), 754-762, 2017

MJ Sung, A Luzio, WT Park, R Kim, E Gann, F Maddalena, G Pace, Y Xu, M. Caironi "High‐Mobility Naphthalene Diimide and Selenophene‐Vinylene‐Selenophene‐Based Conjugated Polymer: n‐Channel Organic Field‐Effect Transistors and Structure–Property Relationship" Advanced Functional Materials 26 (27), 4984-4997, 2016

SG Bucella, A Luzio, E Gann, L Thomsen, CR McNeill, G Pace, A Perinot, M.Caironi "Macroscopic and high-throughput printing of aligned nanostructured polymer semiconductors for MHz large-area electronics"  Nature communications 6 (1), 1-10, 2015

G Pace, A Grimoldi, M Sampietro, D Natali, M Caironi "Printed photodetectors" Semiconductor Science and Technology 30 (10), 104006, 2015

Giuseppina Pace, Artur Stefankiewicz, Book-Chapter contribution: “Functional Metallo-Supramolecular Materials”, Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RCS) series on Smart Materials, Editors: Dr. John Hardy, Prof. Felix Schacher,  18 August 2015 (!divbookcontent)

Giuseppina Pace, Lorenzo Caranzi, Sadir Bucella, Giorgio dell’Erba, Eleonora V. Canesi, Chiara Bertarelli, Mario Caironi “Electronic transport regimes through an alkoxythiolated diphenyl-2,2’-bithiophene-based molecular junction diodes: critical assessment of the thermal dependence”, Nanoscale 7(5) 2076-2084, 2015.

Chen Tao, Stefanie Neutzner, Letizia Colella,de Sergio Marras, Ajay Ram Srimath, Kandada, Marina Gandini, Michele De Bastiani, Giuseppina Pace, Liberato Manna, Mario Caironi, Chiara Bertarelli and Annamaria Petrozza “17.6 % Steady State Efficiency in Low Temperature Processed Planar Perovskite Solar Cells,  DOI: 10.1039/C5EE01720C, Energy & Environmental Science 2015.

Jacqueline M. Cole, Kitty Y. M. Yeung, Giuseppina Pace, Sven O. Sylvester, Dirk Mersch, Richard H. Friend “In-situ Synthesis, Crystallization and Thin-film Processing of Single Crystals of Trans-[Ru(SO2)(NH3)4(H2O)][p-TolSO3]2 Bearing SO2 Linkage Photo-isomers: Towards Optical Device Applications”,DOI: 10.1039/c5ce00685f, CrystEngComm 2015.

Giuseppina Pace, Andrea Grimoldi, Dario Natali, Marco Sampietro, Jessica Coughlin, Guillermo Bazan, Mario Caironi All-organic and fully-printed semitransparent photodetectors based on narrow bandgap conjugated molecules”  Adv. Mat. 26, 6773-6777, 2014.

Lorenzo Caranzi, Giuseppina Pace, Simone Guarnera, Eleonora V. Canesi, Raavi Sai Santosh Kumar, Annamaria Petrozza, Mario Caironi  “Molecular Junctions Photodetectors Based on Self-Assembled Monolayers of Indoline Dyes”ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 6, 19774–19782, 2014. 

Book-Chapter contribution in: Conjugated Polyelectrolytes: Fundanentals and Applications for John Wiley & Sons, Editors: Professor Guillermo C. Bazan and Bin Liu, ISBN:3527655735, 9783527655731, 2013.

Abishek Kumar, Giuseppina Pace, Artem A. Bakulin, Junfeng Fang, Peter K. H. Ho, Wilhelm T. S. Huck, Richard H. Friend, Neil C. Greenham “Donor Acceptor interface modification by zwitterionic conjugated polyelectrolytes in polymer photovoltaics” Energy Environmental Science 6, 1589-1596, 2013.

Simon Gélinas, James Kirkpatrick, Ian A. Howard, Kerr Johnson, Mark W. B. Wilson, Giuseppina Pace, Richard H. Friend and Carlos Silva “Recombination Dynamics of Charge Pairs in a Push Pull Polyfluorene-Derivative” The Journal of Physical Chemistry 117(16),4649-4653, 2012.

Junfeng Fang, Bodo H. Wallikewitz, Feng Gao, Guoli Tu, Christian Muller, Giuseppina Pace, Richard H. Friend, Wilhelm T. S. Huck Conjugated Zwitterionic Polyelectrolyte as the Charge Injection Layer for High-Performance Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes” Communication Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (4), 683-685, 2011.

Giuseppina Pace, Guoli Tu, Emiliano Fratini, Sylvain Massip, Wilhem Huck, Piero Baglioni, Richard Friend Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) (F8) based conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE): b-phase like self-assembly induced by complexation with a surfactant zwitterion”, Communication to Advanced Materials 22, 2073-2077, 2010.

Giuseppina Pace, Artur Stefankiewicz, Jack Harrowfield, Jean-Marie Lehn, Paolo Samorì “Self-Assembly of Alkoxy-Substituted Bis(hydrazone)-Based Organic Ligands and of a Metallosupramolecular Grid on Graphite”, ChemPhysChem 10, 699-705, 2009.

Mark Elbing, Alfred Blaszczyk, Violetta Ferri, Christian Grave, Giuseppina Pace, Andrei Shaporenko, Carsten von Hänsich, Marcel Mayor, Paolo Samorì, Maria Anita Rampi, Michael Zharnikov “Single Component Self-Assembled Monolayers of Aromatic Azo-biphenyl: Structure and Light Induced Molecular Movements”, Advance Functional Material Chemical Society 18, 1-12, 2008.

Jeffrey M. Mativetsky,Giuseppina Pace, Mark Elbing, Maria A. Rampi, Marcel Mayor, Paolo Samorì “Azobenzenes as Light-controlled Molecular Electronic Switches in Nanoscale Metal-Molecule-Metal Junctions” Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (29),  9192-9193, 2008.

Violetta Ferri, Mark Elbing,Giuseppina Pace, Michael D. Dickey, Michael Zharnikov,Paolo Samorì, Marcel Mayor, Maria Anita Rampi “Light-powered Electrical Switch Based on Cargo Lifter Azobenzene SAMs” Angwevandte Chemie International Edition 47(18), 3407-3409, 2008.

Giuseppina Pace, Anne Petitjean, Marie-Noëlle Lalloz-Vogel, Jack Harrowfield,Jean-Marie Lehn, Paolo Samorì “Sub-nanometer resolved patterning of bi-component Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111): mastering the supramolecular approach”, Angwevandte Chemie International Edition 47(13), 2484-2488,  2008.

Giuseppina Pace, Violetta Ferri, Christian Grave, Mark Elbing, Michael Zharnikov, Marcel Mayor, Maria Anita Rampi, Paolo Samorì “Cooperative Light Induced Molecular Movements of Highly Ordered Azobenzene SAMs” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, PNAS  104, 9937-9942, 2007.

Palma M, Pace G, Roussel O, et al.  “STM investigation of alkylated thiotriphenylene monolayers at the solid-liquid interface: Structure and dynamics”, Australian Journal of Chemistry 59(6), 376-380, 2006.

Giuseppina Pace, Mariano Venanzi, Paola Castrucci, et al. “Static and dynamic features of a helical hexapeptide chemisorbed on a gold surface”, Materials Science & Engineering C-Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems 26 (5-7), 918-923, 2006.

Mariano Venanzi, Giuseppina Pace, Antonio Palleschi, et al. “Densely-packed self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces from a conformationally constrained helical hexapeptide”, Surface Science 600(2), 409-416, 2006.


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