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Giorgio Zini

Chief Technician


Electronic Design Laboratory


via Morego, 30
+39 010 2898 247


Giorgio Zini received the high school diploma in 1978 (Liceo Scientifico “L. Respighi” in Piacenza) and developed a deep knowledge in electronic design and R&D management working (since 1979) as employee in several companies (“Computer Application Engineering” and “Silverstar ltd” in Milano, “Ansaldo S.p.A”, “Esacontrol” and “Orsi Automazione s.r.l.” in Genova, “Rubbini s.r.l.” in Bologna) and also as a member of a R&D company (“LUZ elettronica” in Piacenza). He worked as a consultant for prestigious firms and organizations like “Siemens S.p.A.”, “DESY Accelerator Consortium”, “British Petroleum”, “Enel”, “Ferrovie Italiane” and “Università di Genova”. Now he is Senior Electronic Designer in Electronic Design Laboratory (EDL) of the “Italian Institute of Technology” (IIT, Genova). His experience covers many fields in electronic engineering: microprocessor and embedded microcontroller systems, analog data acquisition systems, digital signal processors, FPGA and CPLD devices, high speed data transmission in local area and wide area networks, switched mode power supplies, PWM motor controllers, very-low power battery operated and solar-cells powered devices. During his 39-year career Mr. Zini successfully designed (or participated in the development of) hundreds of electronic systems ranging from small pocket devices, to large industrial plants.


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