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Francesco Rizzi

Senior Technician
Nanotechnologies for Humans and Biosystems
Research center
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Mariello M., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Madaro F., Mehdipour I., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chapter 13 - Micro- and nanodevices for wind energy harvesting
Nano Tools and Devices for Enhanced Renewable Energy, Publisher: Elsevier
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de Marzo G., Desmaele D., Algieri L., Natta L., Guido F., Mastronardi V. M., Mariello M., Todaro M. T., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Chitosan-Based Piezoelectric Flexible and Wearable Patch for Sensing Physiological Strain
Engineering Proceedings, vol. 6, (no. 1), pp. 12
Abstract Report Journal
Natta L., Guido F., Algieri L., Mastronardi V.M., Rizzi F., Scarpa E., Qualtieri A., Todaro M.T., Sallustio V., De Vittorio M.
Conformable AlN Piezoelectric Sensors as a Non-invasive Approach for Swallowing Disorder Assessment
ACS Sensors, vol. 6, (no. 5), pp. 1761-1769
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Lamanna L., Rizzi F., Guido F., Algieri L., Marras S., Mastronardi V.M., Qualtieri A., De Vittorio M.
Correction to: Flexible and Transparent Aluminum-Nitride-Based Surface-Acoustic-Wave Device on Polymeric Polyethylene Naphthalate (Advanced Electronic Materials, (2019), 5, 6, (1900095), 10.1002/aelm.201900095)
Advanced Electronic Materials, vol. 7, (no. 5)
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Musse A., La Malfa F., Brunetti V., Rizzi F., De Vittorio M.
Flexible enzymatic glucose electrochemical sensor based on polystyrene-gold electrodes
Micromachines, vol. 12, (no. 7)
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