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Federico Tixi

Administrative Supervisor
Administrative Coordinator NANO-SMART Area


Administrative Directorate

Res. Line Admin. Support NanoSmart Mater


+39 010 2896 764
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I was born and raised in Genoa.

I have a degree in Philosophy at University Of Genoa with thesis in Anthropology about "Human ecology and health: adaptive strategies".

I worked at DISA (Dipartimento di Scienze Antropologiche) until 2005.
From 2005 to 2009 I've been working at CNR's Laboratorio Lamia as administrative assistant.
I'm in IIT since July 16th 2009.


Selected Publications

BECCARIA Elisabetta, BIANCHI DI LAVAGNA PASSERINI Nicoletta, BOCCIARDO Chiara, BRACCAGNI Niccolò, CANESE Marzia, CAPOZZI Cecilia, CAVALLO Daniela, CONSIGLIERE Stefania, COSTANZI Carla, GIANELLI Marie V., GUERCI Antonio, MAGGI Cinzia, MAGLIANO Valeria, MANDEVILLE Nelly, OLCESE Gianluca, ORLANDI Andrea, PARAVAGNA Simona, PASTORE Cristina, PONTE Francesca, PUGLIESE Alice, PUTZU Federica, SICCARDI Marisa, TIXI Federico [2002]. Vivere e "curare" la vecchiaia nel mondo.  Technical report. Documento trilingue: italiano, inglese, francese. Genova: Erga Edizioni, 2002.


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